Monday, May 21, 2012

Kid Blink

My baby girl was in a school drama club production of the musical Newsies last week. In the general plot of my parenting story, this event was a dogeared chapter that will be revisited with such frequency, the pages will probably fall from their binding.

The photos don't do it justice, how could they? They are also all out of order, but who cares? I'm setting this bad boy up to publish tonight, after having spent the Sunday baking my hungover self in the sun of a 13 inning baseball game.  

Starting with the bow, of course! Each Newsie stepped forward and tipped their cap to receive accolades. My girl's cap still carried the scent of her grandfather. Color me slayed.

There were jaunty moves in this production.

And serious strategic stink-eye en masse

I don't know, I guess there were some other kids. I only had eyes for the one-eyed one.


It's a cool story about newsboys who fought back when big business buttheads tried to exploit them for profit.

The butthead on the left is  a keeper, though.

Her line during this song was: "Saturday night with the Mayor's daughter"

There were even a couple of actual, card carrying boys in the cast!

The eye patch drove her nuts, but when I suggested that she take it off she said: "Mom, it's like the best part of my whole costume!"

Thumbs up, Kid Blink

Thumbs up, baby girl. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Holy Moses, she is spectacular. I feel sorry for the other parents, with their lesser, two-eyed children.

"Mom, it's like the best part of my whole costume!"

I love that. And I love her. What talent! What drive! What smashing success!

Congrats, Mama Rose. The lights of Broadway can't be far behind.....


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Such a natural! She looks as though she is having some serious fun up there.

And the costumes in general rock, but your girl's? The one-eyed one? It's perfect.

Wild applause, wild applause!!


mom c said...

Tears, love, mom