Monday, June 4, 2012

Bisquefest, Redooo

Bisquefest, as you know, is one of our very favorite holidays of the year.

I love the people . . .

. . . I love the venue . . .

. . . I love the bands . . .

But what I love most of all is the quintessentially New London-ness of it all.

I mean, *where* else can you hang out *on* the railroad tracks . . .

. . . and have it be cool?

Nowhere else, that's where.

Jennie deemed this year's Bisquefest not as eventful an event as last year's Bisquefest, but frankly, I don't think any Bisquefest will ever be as eventful an event as last year's Bisquefest.

At least I hope not.

But wait. This year's *was* eventful! Just look:

Two woman talking in front of a Westy . . .

. . . and talking . . .

. . . and . . . wati! Who's the guy lurking back there?

Oh wait, there's another!

See? See how cool New London is? Our lurkers are our *friends*!

Aw. There's the happy happy Schleckah. He was happy because he really really loves bisque.

We hung out in the Westy, above the fray of the festivities, all the livelong day . . .

. . . and had delightful visits of awesome guest after awesome guest.

Mistah had himself a time.

Westy was her usual Yeoman self . . .

. . . and the day was completely changeable and unsettled and cuckoo . . .

. . . and Captain Scott's was his usual awesome self.

At the end of the night Tommy told the last vestiges of the crowd that Bisquefest 2013 is already in the works.

Can't wait.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, honey, where is my bisque??? Lawdy am I hungry! I hope your lurkers and friends and friend/lurkers and you, and Mistah, and Jennie all ate your fill. I mean your to-the-brim-fill. 'Cause you know, some of the rest of us are completely bisquefest-less.

Miss you.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love! And I'm with Beth, I would give my left eyeball for a cuppa bisque right now. I would! Or at least I'd promise to keep that eye closed for the duration of my meal.

Can't wait to see you peeps.