Monday, June 18, 2012

Play ball!

Many of my posts of late have featured my oldest girl and my youngest girl. But what about my middle girl? Where the hell has she been? Have I been ignoring the poor dear? Well, no, no I have not. She's just been incredibly busy. Really, really busy, especially for a 7 year old.

She decided to try softball this spring, and boy, has it agreed with her. She loved the regular season, and made some terrific hits along with a lot of new friends. It being her first time ever playing, she had a lot to learn -- quite a few of the other girls were playing for their fourth year, not their first. Apparently though, not many people from the league went out for the All Star team, because my girl made the team! She was the last one added to the roster, mind you, but she was among the 12 girls on the All Star roster. She was thrilled -- really, really happy and proud.

Then we got the practice schedule. Oh-my-word-in-heaven! The first email said 5 days a week of practice for the first three weeks, then down to four days a week once the weekend tournaments started. In reality, the coach was tired after the first 5-day practice schedule, so he cut out the Friday practices.

Truth be told there were a few other days that practice was cancelled, and once the tournament started there were typically 3 days of practice a week, but boy did it seem as though that girl was on field 3 ALL THE TIME!

She was such a great sport about it all. Being the least experienced girl on the team, she was also the worst player. No matter - it did not bother her in the least. She was playing softball, every game. She loved it. She was the trusty right fielder who could be counted on to catch every, some, a few of the pop flies that came her way. She got  a few hits, and seemed to get hit, herself, quite often. But hey, getting on base is getting on base, right?

But most of all? Most of all she liked being part of a team.She loved all those softball chants and cheers and rhymes those girls seem to scream out ALL GAME LONG. She loved the group huddles, and runs and drills.

And she loved the gear. She loved the regular season uniform, it was cute indeed, but the All Star gear? Wow, the All Star gear was amazing, and very personalized and she loved every. single. item.

Let's take a look. We'll check out a few regular-season action shots first.

Nice form.
Love that face!
Look at that concentration, wouldja?

What happens?! Does she get her out??

Girl power!
Okay, fast forward to May, when All Star season is in full swing. Tournaments are every weekend, when my girl will play anywhere from 3 to 5 games.

Suiting up

The thing to do for softball tournaments. Who knew? Window paint in team colors is the shit.
Pose her mother forced her to strike. Jaunty visor, no?

Personalized, of course. Hair ribbons in team colors, another softball tradition that we were introduced to.

Giant jacket that she will use year after year provided she sticks with softball.

Awesome All-Star bags

Personalized, of course!

Dug out helmet line up

My girls hitting gear, sans bat
My girl not watching the game as she should be.

My girl's favorite new friend suiting up in her catcher gear.
Right field!!!

Right on!
She'll be missing next weekend's district championships, because we'll be out of town. And chances are that her team will not advance, so she's very likely played her last tournament of the season. She's a little bummed. But, never fear, there is always fall ball. Sigh.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! I can't believe all of that personalization, they must have some high falootin' sponsorship for the all stars!

I love that girl of yours, Beth. Can't wait for our special triple date next week :)



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh I love her! I love her enthusiasm and her exuberance! And I love how much she looks like you now, and her dedication, and intensity.

I would love to go to a game and watch.

Can we bring coolers?


Pat said...

This is wonderful! Can't wait until next know I will be there rooting her on.
Love, Mom

Can't wait to see everyone!

Stefanie Vance said...

Where did they order their uniforms from? Very cute!! :)