Tuesday, August 21, 2012

back to the beach

This summer is a whirlwind of epic proportions! We're away again this week, poor us! In honor of our most glorious destination, I thought I'd regurgitate a little love from the same trip a few summers ago. The kids were so cuuuuuuuuute! It will be fun to compare photos:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

san elijo

We went camping last weekend, and it was so good. Good friends, good weather, good location, good food, good drinks, good waves, good work outs, good times.

It's hard to recap all this opulent goodness, and so hard to select representative photos, even though the photos that I did take are pretty much crap because I was generally too drunk busy having fun! and there was so much stuff to be carried everywhere, always, and I kept forgetting things and then there would be 103 stairs between me and my camera.

But share I shall, because that's how we roll here at Me and You and Ellie!

To begin, there's the series I like to call:
"let me get a shot of you on that ladder! but try to look like a giant dork, okay?"

Up there in the right hand corner? The only photo taken of me the entire long weekend. Bastids. But check it out - that was the view from our campsite up on the bluffs. Sigh.

Next, let's enjoy friends and sunsets, shall we?

Those sunsets were delicious. And the ocean? 70 degrees.

There were dogs. And bodysurfing, and more sunsets.
The kids spent more time in the ocean than out.

We ate and drank a lot.

Alot of meat. And alot of booze. We were very thirsty.

On the last day, friends came to visit!

We ate and drank with them, just to be different.
Did you think I was kidding about the 103 stairs?

This was our avenue to and from the beach. In the early mornings, those stairs were chock full of fit people doing crazy-ass things like push ups on each landing followed by sprints to the next one. Those Are Painful. We worked out well though, running along the surf each morning and then knocking out a few idiocies on the stairs. We owned those damned stairs. And it was positively liberating to 'run up and grab' this or that from camp, an anecdote to the relentless eating and drinking and sitting upon asses.

The sleeping was our only bane, we never did get it quite right* between the dogs and the kids and the tents and the thick, cooling marine layer. But everyone kept a good attitude about it, knowing that once we were home in our nice comfy beds, we'd sleep well but we'd miss San Elijo.
*some people did get it right


Me, You, or Ellie said...

They are *such* tiny tots. I hope you all are having just as entirely many sunsets and drinkie-poos, that you've broken the world record on stair climbing, and that your collective sleep is dreamy and comfortable.

LOVE that place.


Beth said...

Okay, so I don't even remember all your fancy photo montages! Wow. Impressive....

And, my, how times HAVE changed! Is that Des' girl in that last photo? It must be. She is a giant girl already! And your boy? Oh so little.

I have never once sat upon my ass drinking and eating and 'runing up and grabbing' this or that with you up there. I MUST make a point to do so next time.

Enjoy this last bit of summer!!!!!