Monday, August 20, 2012

My man Ben

Gotta love the Del Mar Racetrack, where the turf meets the surf. It's a San Diego summer tradition, which just keeps getting better. Although I love betting on the ponies, my favorite thing about the Del Mar racing season is the concert series. It just keeps getting better. This year's lineup is phenomenal. Case in point, Saturday night I was able to go see one of my very favorite artists, ever, Ben Harper. All for the racetrack admission price of $6.(Making Ben's tune, "Rock n Roll is Free (if you want it)" ring oh so true.)

I went with my friend Lynn, who is awesome, and who brought binoculars -- now that was a treat.

Ben rocked the house, as per usual. He is a truly amazing guitarist, and oh so easy on the eyes.

He also has a wee little Parnie gap (although I doubt that he refers to it as such....), which is very endearing.

See it there??
See you next summer, Ben. We'll miss you...

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Me, You, or Ellie said...

I was actually checking out that Del Mar lineup just the other day, somewhere -- oh maybe when Jacquie and Mr. Can went to see Spearhead -- and it's just so impressive. I mean, you can see live music anywhere, everywhere, anytime, but it usually costs an arm and a leg and a few small tootsie-toes. $6?? For your man Ben?? Pure awesome.