Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Tower

We found ourselves, as one does, at The Dowd's beach, and decided to climb the lifeguard tower.

Headin' up . . . 

C'mon up, down there . . . 

Oh, hoi!

Some of us chose alternative forms of vertical transportation . . .

And just look who decided she needed to climb on up too . . .

Yay, Mom!*


Whoo Hoo!*

(*direct quotes.)

 Oh, we had ourselves a Time up there.

 Even The Dowd joined the fun.

There was plenty of time for personal grooming . . .

. . . and there was an awful lot of this going on.

Oh, yes, we were Living Large.

Living Large on The Tower.


Ellen said...

You always know how to have the best time. Such fun.

MB said...

That was so fun! Love the photos, Bill. xo

Elizabeth said...

Those last 2 photos are great! But then, the personal grooming had been taken care of, so of course they're great ;)

*really enjoyed the direct quotes too.