Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Our annual summer trip to Connecticut is a study in traditions. We've got a specific agenda of mandatory activities that must be scheduled. There's the obligatory visit to NYC

As well as several required stops in the 'burbs, including Norwalk:

tinkering on a Steinway, no big whoop
the Shore of Haven
 (not pictured: 3 seperate trips to Stew Leonard's, all including ice cream)

And then there's Milford:

Tahoe doesn't have the Nation's only Fanny Bridge
 And of course, New London:

a Shleckarific run down Ocean Beach waterslide

and dinner at Captain Scott's
There are, of course, special meals to be prepared

The fun just never ends!

But the most important ritual of all is the event that attracts followers from near and far. The players sometimes change, but the goal remains the same: to make the biggest splash. This year's contest had a definite olympic flair, and participants large and small put their very hearts and souls into the competition.

First we have the individual Cannonball event:

Then we line 'em up en masse

and command them to GO

followed by gender specific exhibitions
boys! I lost one of them underwater

more boys

girls! oddly underrepresented at a Corey family gathering
After the stress of competition, the athletes cooled down with a refreshing game of Chicken before receiving their well earned awards...

...straight from the seed truck!

how can something so inappropriate be so perfectly fantastic?!
Thus, a new ritual is born. Big John better stock up for next year.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow. How utterly awesome.

I can't quite believe all you packed in during your time here. That is one hell of a vacation, sistah!

But I also cannot quite believe the 6-boys-to 2-girls ration of the Cannonball Contest -- what has *happened* to our family??

And I also find it quite hysterical that although -- presumably -- none of those 11-through-15 years olds have a smoking habit, they sure look comfortable -- and, well, *good*! -- in those poses. How can something so inappropriate be so perfectly fantastic?! indeed.

Wait 'til Big John hears.....


MB said...

Hysterical! Love the candy cigarettes, and the oddity of SO many more boys than girls at a Corey gathering. We were well-represented on the judges' sideline, at least! ox

mom c said...

Well, there were 4 Corey women looking on who chose not to participate, 5 counting me, lol. Great blog Jacquie... miss you all. mom

Elizabeth said...

So love this look at your very fun, obligatory, back east activites! You guys definitely do know how to pack it in.

And I must also comment on the great form of those cannon ballers! Wow. Jane's girl looks like an Olympian! And all the boy/men look so focused. Your girl, Jacquie, as per, looks like she is having such a blast. And Mistah, well I'm a bit worried that he's gonna hit the side. Jump farther, Mistah, farther!

Lovely Coery family slice of life. Love it.

And yes, that final photo -- it's for the ages.