Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cheap out

My boss is great. He really is. The guy does not lose his composure, seemingly ever. He is very kind. And he is loyal, and tends to see the very best in everyone. He allows for flexible work hours and is approachable and has a good sense of humor. But.... But he can be really cheap about some things.

He is so resistant to upgrading our computers and software - it seems so crazy and counterintutive to me. Our employee numbers keep shrinking while the workload does not, and he's skimping on the technology?  He actually wants to find a work-around for paying the admittedly exorbitant cost of Internet access at the next trade show we attend. So much so that he's thinking about making a static copy of our website and demo-ing that instead of the live website. C'mon.....we're an ONLINE publishing company -- we can't skip the Internet access, dude!!!

On certain other things, however, he'll seemingly bleed money. He has been keeping a 0-dollar generating website going for years and he keeps paying our part-time web developer year after year for precious little to show for it. In fact, he just told us the developer started another business (he already teaches at Stanford and is writing a book), importing stones and rock for home design (think granite counter tops and high-end tile).  Um, I don't think we're top, or even second-tier priority here, but my boss will not look for another developer. He feels the one we have is worth the money and excruciatingly slow going.

This frustrates me sometimes. It seems so silly and nonsensical and irrational, but then I took a step back to look at myself and had to admit that I cheap out on certain things too. But not on others. And really, there's no rhyme or reason to it. It's pretty irrational and nonsensical.

I am especially cheap at the grocery store. I cannot stand paying a dollar more for something at store A that I know I can get for that dollar less at store B. $3.99 for those squeeze yogurts? Hell no! I will just wait until I can make it to store B, thankyouverymuch. What are you kidding me? $3.99 - harrumph!

I also hate paying full price for clothing. Mall prices? Seriously, who can afford those? It's insanity. But.....I will pay (close to) full price for a rocking pair of jeans. And I will pay top dollar for a good swimsuit. High-quality wool socks are worth the full ticket too.

Gas? Oh my goodness gracious, I can not be bothered to price compare in this arena. When I need gas, I need goddamn gas. My car will not move forward without petrol - I'm not going to go to another gas station to save the silly $3.99. I mean Really?

What do you cheap out on?


Pat said...

It is funny..the closer I get to the great beyond the less I scrimp (and I am exceedingly fort inundate not to have to).
After all, what am I saving it for--my kids? Here, hee
Love, Mom

Pat said...

That is "fortunately "..duh

Loves a good sale in Central PA said...

I always wait until I can get to Target for cereal because it is considerably less than any grocery store. any. Thankfully, my Target is next to the grocery store that I most frequent, but I would drive to it, if necessary.
I cannot pay full price for shoes and usually find my clothes at TJ Maxx. If I lived somewhere where the Goodwill had decent options, I would even consider "popping tags", but alas, Central PA is not style central and college girls don't drop off much that's appropriate for a woman who is old enough to be sending a child to college in a matter of mere months.
I don't know how to pass down the frugal gene, but I'd like to. My 15 yr old thinks a deal is finding a designer garment that is 60% off of $500..she seriously needs to get herself a J.O.B. with those tastes.
I will NOT compromise on toilet have to draw the line somewhere :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, I do cheap out on gas. We're lucky because we both walk to work, so don't fill up that often, so can amass a lot of grocery store points.......

And the S&S here occasionally offers a coupon for 30¢ off per gallon if you spend $50 at the store. And *I* just got gas for 70¢ off per gallon, thankyouverymuch. I know! I rock!

Save on, dude.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Things I do not cheap out on: tomatoes, shampoo.

But then there's the issue of the gym, where I staunchly refuse to pay the increased monthly rate to use upgrade the lifetime membership I've had since college. Even though I go every day and it costs less than a downtown martini.

yours in thrift,


Mom C said...

I'm with Ellie on the gas issue - love the stop and shop points, altho Ellie always wins. I love to buy things on sale, and sometimes find a freebee on the street during my morning walk. love, Mom C.

Kendra Keating said...

I am cheap about gas...I have the gas buddy app on my phone so I can source the least eapensive in my area. I am NOT cheap about groceries or wine. I also believe that wool socks are totally worth the price and with clothing I like what I like, organic cotton, but I spending on the quality, but cheap on how much I buy. I am cheap on airfare, I will fly out of the craziest places to get a cheaper price.

Not as cheap as the cheap,