Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Queen of awesomeness

Here we go again, looking for a way to find something to write about in the midst of heavy gloom and the sinking realization that there are only so many times we can call it unthinkable. I'm just so sad and stunned and also really fucking pissed.

So there I sat, just stewing. Pissed.

And in walked my ray of sunshine, with the most perfect gift.  

J ust so beautiful
A dores her children
C lara's her favorite child
Q ueen of awesomeness
U nbelievably epicly awesomly awesome
I  ncredebly a great singer
E nthuseasticly, crazely, AWESOME

C andy lover
L oves to sing and act
A dores dogs
R eady to learn
A dores dance

J aunty
I ncredably cool
M oki's brother
B est brother ever!
O penly careing!

W onderfuly hilarious!
I ncrebably weird!
L oveable and kind!
L oving and caring!
I nvincable!
A dores his favoire child Clara!
M arveles and Manly!

Thank you, Clara.



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ohmygod I LOVE her. I NEED her. I MISS her.

Loveable and kind!
Loving and caring!
Marveles and Manly!

And you, Jacquie, *are* Just so beautiful, and Incredebly a great singer (really, Incredebly).

Day? Made.

Love you.

MB said...

That is SO awesome, Ms. Queen of Awesomeness! And Little Ms. C is looking so grown up. Miss you guys. xo

Drew Ornelas said...

OMG!! This is so great. There is NO way that you can have a crummy day now.

Such a classy young woman with a heart o' gold!

Definitely let us know when her performance is, I want to see her! :)


Thanks for the smile in Central PA said...

I think we need to see a few more family members to really find out who the favorite child is in your house :)

mom said...

Oh, I love this so much, come here baby girl... love, Grammy

Beth said...

Oh, Queen of awesomeness, this is just too good. There are so many great ones, but I think this may be my favorite: Increbably weird!

And I love the fact that she spelled out William, so that she would have more complimentary words to bestow!

Love her!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I can't believe no one commented about "Openly Careing".... have you *met* my teenage son? That careing is buried waaaaay deep inside of Moki's brother, lol. Thanks for the nice notes, I heart you peeps.