Monday, April 1, 2013

There was no ham

Last night when I cried “oh shit, I have to write a blog post!” Bill asked: "Don’t you get holidays off?" What does he think this is, a bank? There are no holidays at me, you, and ellie. Get your nose to the grind and proDUCE, woman.

Easter was nice, although it’s come a long way from being the magical mystery bunny show. My girl recently admitted that she believed in the Easter bunny until she looked out her bedroom window on a recent Easter morning to discover her dad hopping around hiding eggs. Oops. I’ve got to say, though, that it’s a whole lot easier to deal with holidays once the gig is up. I used to lie awake at night worrying that I wouldn’t wake up early enough to place the baskets/put money under the pillow/stuff the stockings. Now I sleep like the 6lb 8oz baby Jesus, secure in my knowledge that the kids know enough to come in an make sure I’m up before venturing out to uncover their bounty, and they'll be game if I ask them to sit there for a minute while I run out and check something real quick.

But then, there’s teenagers. I had a nice time lying in bed with my girl this morning, much to her chagrin, sharing memories of mornings past when I'd had to wait for Mary Beth to wake and beautify before digging in to various holidays. That brother of my girl's was being a tool, wrapped up like a taquito in his beautiful new afghan from Grammy, he radiated ire and woe to anyone who dared suggest he awaken to greet the day.   

Eventually, he was risen. Baskets were enjoyed, eggs were found, sugar was eaten. Then he lapsed back into a coma while the rest of us dyed eggs and made breakfast. Yes, yes I know. Most families dye eggs in advance of Easter. For us, what began as a mistake a few years ago has become tradition, and we color our eggs on Eastah Propah.

A couple of hours later, we set out for the day’s adventure. When you are far from your family on Easter, it’s hard to have a traditional day, so we set our sights on the goal of having a simply awesome day.

We loaded our bikes onto the Westy and headed West(y). After a quick visit/mimosa with friends, we took ourselves over to Coronado and hit the Silver Strand. It was a gorgeous day, the bike lanes are completely flat and set apart from the road so it’s stress free and beyond gorgeous. I didn’t take photos, sorry. I was in the moment. 5 miles in for lunch and ice cream and meandering, then 5 miles back for a late afternoon westy beach  interlude before we had to make our way back to the mainland and our real lives.

It was a really good day. Kiss my kiester.


mom c said...

Sounds lovely Jacquie, we missed you all soooo much. Love that Jimmy loves his aphgan... xoxo mom

Beth said...

Ham is overrated.

Biking in Corodado, however, is not! Nice Easter plan.

And, how perfect that you dye your eggs on Eastah Propah. I like that. I may steal that from you next year...


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I really want to load my bike on m Westy and head West(y) and join y'all on the Best Coast. K? Shall we? Sometime? Ever?

Miss you gorgeous peeps.