Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peanuts and crackerjacks

Okay, full disclosure, not peanuts and crackerjacks, peanuts and beer. Good beer, even. Delicious beer, actually. And amazing seats.

I'm not going to pretend to be a sports fan, because I'm not. I have been, and can be, but right now I'm not putting any effort, mental or otherwise, into rooting for the home team. Or any team.

I do however, always enjoy a day at the ballpark. And really love Petco Park. It's pretty damn sweet. I doubt there is a ballpark anywhere else that has better beer choices. And the great seats that my mom scored for the opening day game? Well there was a waiter and a pretty amazing menu to choose from. I could have ordered hot green tea and hummus and carrots if I'd wanted to. But I stuck with the traditional peanuts and beer. And got off my arse to fetch them myself too. But I coulda.

Before the game started we were serenaded by these rocking friars.

But we were anxious to get in there.

So we got out our tickets, pushed through the turnstile, grabbed our free opening day t-shirts,

and found our way to our seats. Below was our view. We were 5 seats from the press boxes, so you know this is basically the best place to view the game. Maybe you think it's more fun to be lower down, closer to the field. But for seeing the execution of every play? This is the spot. (Ha, too bad it was wasted on me, because I was not watching every play. I was talking, which I know is shocking.)

I was also cruising around, looking over every overhang, at all the amazing water and city views. Here's an eye full you don't see everyday. Scores of navy folk holding a ginormous rolled up American flag,

which was unfurled out there in  left/center field. That sucker is BIG.

The game was actually quite good. The parts I watched, anyway. And I had a good time going down to where the poor masses watch the game to find my older girls. Their dad had taken them to the game, and it was fun and strange to pop in on them.

We opted to leave a bit early, which in hindsight might have been premature because the Pads kept on scoring.

But, be that as it may, after an in-park photo op,

we busted out to check out the East Village and its bars.

Good bye Petco, we'll see you soon.

And congrats to the Padres on Opening Day 2013. You might not win many, but hey, you won this one! (And thanks for the fun, mom. You definitely know how to do opening day!)


Pat said...

Surely one of my bet opening days ever!
And thanks for luring me your town--I love it.
Love, Mom

MB said...

What a fun day, Beth! You & your Mom look great. Love seeing PetCo again! xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

love, love, love! I need to get myself to a game ASAP.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

What a fun day! I love that ballpark. And I love seeing San Diego and its palm trees. And I love seeing you two.

Play Ball!


mom c said...

You both look great and crackerjacks are over-rated... Mom C.

Pickles and Dimes said...

That looks like a great ballpark! Can't wait to visit it.

Our first game at Target Field was 42 degrees and so windy we ended up meeting friends in one of the bars there to watch the come-from-behind win. Much better. My husband is going again tomorrow, and they're still removing snow from the park - blech.