Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Projects

Mistah was jealous of my Clary Sage wall.

And who could blame, him, really. I mean, look at it:

Sigh, I know; I love it too. I wake up every morning and joyfully admire it anew.

So I did what any awesomely fabulous, generously considerate wife would do.

I painted his wall.

You know the drill:

Prep . . .

I pushed all the bedding to my side, and covered Mistah's side with a dropcloth, which is why the bed looks like such an embarrassingly confusing mess.

Cut . . .

First coat . . .

Touch up my side while the paint can is open . . .
Final coat . . . and voilà.

As Mistah says, apparently channelling The Dude, "it really pulls the room together."

There were more weekend projects, too, of course . . .

There was some spackling . . .

There was some caulking . . .

There was some floor repair* . . .

(*What? So sometimes I break things when I fix things. Then I fix those things. Circle of Life, baby.)

And, oh yes, there was a lot of missing of Dad during said projects, sigh.

Because unlike Mistah, who lived in fear of his Dad getting the chalk out to list a weekend project on their kitchen blackboard, I love projects. I like being productive. I like the instant gratification of a painted wall or a caulked bathroom sink.

Plus perhaps my Dad was easier to learn from during childhood projects. I think weekend projects with ol' Bill Senior entailed a lot of swearing, and a lot of duct tape.

Bill Sr. was, however, the father of the Schneider Can,
just one of his many awesome legacies.

Although painting the northern environs of the bedroom, and filling in various cracks and holes and gaps were fun projects, they were not the only projects I had going on this past weekend, not by a long shot.

No, I also completed the most onerous, humbling, enervating, emasculating and soul-sapping project in the history of the human race.

If you're looking for us this spring, we'll be in the poor house; bring booze.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am not sure that I realized you had only done your own wall, that is so funny! Mistah is lucky to be in your good graces.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well, that was because my wall needed repairing, after getting our new roof. So whenst I repaired, I painted.......

....which made poor ol' Schleckie's side look so tragic and forlorn. And white.

And yes, he is a lucky lucky Mistah. I try to remind him of that every day.


Beth said...

As you definitely should!

I am so in awe of your handiness. I wish I was in your good graces, and lived closer. I'm sadly one of those in the cussing and duct tape group.

I didn't even get the ol' taxes done, had to file extensions today. What a bloody pain in the ass. S-corps should really have a goddamn deadline for mailing, like all other needed tax forms do. Slackers!

But back to you and your productiveness. You rule!