Friday, April 5, 2013

From The Mixed-Up Files*

*Oh, how I loved that book, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Remember that book? With the kids? Living in the museum? Oh, how I wanted to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, too, and get spending money from raiding the fountain . . .


My mixed-up files are less established than ol' Mrs. Frenkweiler's, but just as awesome.

For example, look at this new entry: young Mistah, and young Da Dowd, and young Mumsie, and young Bill Sr., and young Dr. and Mrs. Dowd, at UConn parents' weekend, 1982:

Aren't they awesome? With their tray tables and Oscar cooler and rain gear and brown paper bags and, well, their youngness? Cool cars, too.

We're confident in our dating of this photo because of the notation on the back:

Mumsie makes a super-spectacular "T".

I was there; I was at UConn, too, at the same time, in the same dorm quad as Mistah. We all agreed this past weekend, though, that Mom and Dad probably didn't come up that Parents' Weekend. Because, well, I didn't invite them. And because of the whole mud situation.

And in other mixed-up-files news?

Nope, no warm weather, not yet. But that's okay. At least we've got the funny papahs to keep us jovial:

When we were in Mexico we translated our wacky SpongeBob friend as Roberto Absorbiente Pantolones Rectangular, so this one is especially awesome . . .

But even better:

I know; you're welcome.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is indeed an awesome trunk party photo, with awesomely fancy Ts. I can't believe you didn't invite mom and dad, geez.

love the comicals. always.


Beth said...

Check out those two young dudes rocking the Levi's. Love it.

And although I love Roberto Absorbiente Pantolones Rectangular's skinny jeans, I only have eyes for Patrick at the bar with his martini.


mom said...

Geez is right, sorry we missed such a fun party.. Love the pic. xoxo mom