Monday, April 8, 2013

V elements

One of my very favorite things about living where I currently do, right in the thick of it in OB, is my proximity to my favorite yoga studio. Indie yoga is only 3 blocks away! It is so excellent to walk to and fro, there is no need for parking, no climbing in to my car dripping wet, with sweat, no lugging 20 lbs of crap from work or wherever into the studio. Nope, I can always go home first, park my car there, then cruise on over with just the basics.

The instructors at Indie are great, and the community welcoming. They're also the pioneering sort, putting on, as they did this weekend, San Diego's very  first yoga and music festival - V elements.

(Side note: I actually dislike the name, because people had to be told that the V was a Roman numeral, so you should be saying 5 elements, as opposed to, you know, V elements. But that's my own problem, right?)

It was a one-day event, with  yoga all day - each class accompanied by live music or dj - then live music and/or djs all night. There were pre-parties and after parties. There were vendors. There were hula hoop classes. There was fun.

I myself only  made it to 2 yoga classes during the day, and then back for dinner and two bands in the early evening, but wow, it was all so excellent.

Plus I attended the event with my very favorite people.

Hmm, I don't really know these people. But just look at them getting their downward dogs on. (Well, except for that one guy who's all 3-legged dog instead.)

Look here - more people I don't know, but, hey I got to hold hands with them anyway ;)

Ah, there is one of my favorite people. She's making new friends while hula hooping. Of course she is!

And here she is shopping. She dragged my out of class to look at this Cleopatra-number. It was $45 dollars. She's cute and all, but um, no way.

I get why she was shopping though. She was waiting and waiting and waiting to get in this crazy Dr. Bronner's All One Ark Village foam-blasting station.

Check out their cool ride!

Pretty nifty, huh?

Finally, the kids found enough peeps to fill the tub, and viola - foam blasting!

Hi there, girl of mine! (Wait, is she flipping me the bird?)

Spray down.

Meanwhile, the acro yogis were doing their thing,

while the majority of peeps were soaking up their savasana after Pradeep Teotia's class.

Post-yoga the stage came alive with louder sounds, and lights.

The sun set.

And did I say lights?
I took my oldest daughter to this portion of the event. She wanted to die. She did like the food, and I bought her off with a giant orange Fanta, but having to stand next to her old mother, DANCING?!?! It was the worst! She had her hoody pulled up over head and cinched tight around her face, so that no one would recognize her! (Guess she has an invisible audience too). It was hilarious.

And although I was too cheap to kick down for that crazy metal head gear for my girl, I did pay top dollar for my new favorite toy, a memento of the day's fun:

And a great prop to work into all the other days of fun to come....


Pat said...

Sounds like fun....except for the yoga part.
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh what fun! Oh, how OB!

I love your Ms. A's strong, muscular legs. And her face, once she eschewed the hoodie.

And Ms. M is such a hula machine. Love her!

What fun, Beth. What a great place to be!