Thursday, October 10, 2013

10 photos for 10.10

On this tenth day of this tenth month, here are ten photos.

1. This is my favorite way to shop for children. Go by myself to the mall, then send photos of various options for approval. Which do you think she chose?

2. Devil Dogs continues to live up to her name.

3. One day I went to Beth's for a drink, and she presented the world's most adorable tequila and a brand new citrus squeezer. I love Beth.

4. I had the most delicious breakfast one day with a new friend who is moving away. Those eggs had tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and other delightful things.

5. This summer my girl became enamored with "the snack," which she now sometimes enjoys in her lunchbox.

6. I tried several ways to caption this photo without sounding like my husband was bludgeoned on his birthday. Bloody Birthday Mary, Bloody Birthday Boy, Bill's Bloody, etc. That's salami on the garnish, for God's sake.

7. One day at Tower Two Beth's middle girl grabbed the camera and captured us exactly as we always are.

8. My boy's first high school project was called "Mapping the Self." That's Lebanon.

9. My girl's school came to my workplace one day to celebrate the International Day of Peace.
10. Here is me with my Grammy. Try to find one single thing that is not awesome in this photo. Just try.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh my GOD. Even your *posture* as a girl looks like your girl's.

Your boy is gigantic and manly. And 1/4 Lebanese, godlovehim.

I miss my Grammy.

I *love* this Jacqueline. I Cannot. Stop. Staring.


Beth said...

I love this too, such diversity!!!

I love mapping the self. Your boy is perfect infused with Lebanon!

I love the photo of us with our girls -- we both have minis. It is funny to see this candid glimpse as proof.

And that last photo. Yes! Every single thing is perfect. My top two very favorite things about the photo, though, are your tootsie toes, and your Grammy's wayward brastrap. Slice of life!

Oh, and Bloody Bill is so dang cute with his salami garnish.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Mini-mes indeed.

The four-girls photo also contains *another* girl in the background, and I *love* her head-to-toe ensemble.


Beth said...

Oh my, so it does! Ha, the cheetah-print leisure suit! It was slim pickins in my car after the beach that day. And that one insisted on changing. I'm pretty sure most of the girls were camando at that point too.

Ah, summer!


mom said...

What I love about photo #10, besides you and my mom, is that it looks like you're texting! awesome blog... love, mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I know, mom! I think it's one of those slide puzzle things I used to love. I love the couch, the shag rug, the golden handprints, grammy's half smile and bra strap...everything!!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

And the afghan! The afghan! Crocheted by Mom who was then not even a Grammy yet. With yarn colors to match the room. Perfection.


BreezieGirl said...

I would like your girl's "snack." Right now.

Also, where was that brunch?

MB said...

OMG. Finally checking out the blog late afternoon on the east coast and I love every. single. photo! Miss you San Diegoans. xoxo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yes, the afghan. So perfect. And the side table with built in lamp. I can almost 'see' the encyclopedias over there on the shelf, and french doors to the porch.

Bree - Great Maple :)

Central PA said...

I am so sure that Beth had that same striped short sleeve rugby when we were kids and I bet if she and her mom looked, they'd find the evidence that I am right :)
great pictures...please make sure I get the name of the breakfast place for my quick, sad visit to SD next week!