Monday, October 21, 2013

The Leaves And The Stones

The leaves . . .

. . . oh, the leaves this year . . . 

And the stones . . .

. . . oh, those stones.

The leaves!

The stones!

The leaves......

Are you detecting a pattern?

Have you ever been in southeastern Connecticut in October?

Yeah, it's pretty great.

. . . well, if you're into stones . . .

. . . and leaves.

. . . and leaves-and-stones.

And, you know, all-around, overall beauty.

Because if you're looking for beauty, we got it right here . . .

. . . right here in the leaves and stones.


Beth said...

Oh, I do love me some tree porn! Stone porn is pretty amazing too, come to find out. Love that mossy stone shot.

Truly gorgeous.

We're pretty lacking in tree porn here in SD. Guess we'll just have to keep staring at the ocean. ;)


mom said...

Nice Ellie, it's been an amazing Fall around these parts, but I'm waiting for Spring already. love, mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

It really is spectacular! Thanks for the peek. Uffie used to send me a bag of leaves every fall :)