Monday, October 14, 2013

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails

There is definitely a part of me that wishes I had a son. I love my three girls, don't get me wrong, and I think  that we end up with what we most need in this life, or have the most to give back to in this life, or something like that, but still....

I hear there is something really special between a mother and son. A bond like no other. My dad is gone and the whole husband thing has not worked out very well for me, so there is definitely a part of me that longs for a man to love and look out of me. Not enough to ever get married again, don't get me wrong. But a son? A boy that will grow into a man and have a fierce, protective love for me? That would be a bonus. There is no denying it.

Plus, just look at the things they say to their moms.

A high-school friend of mine just posted this on Facebook last week:

So I'm just kissing my almost 13 year old goodnight and he says 'You are so beautiful. How did you get so beautiful? And you're smart. And athletic. You're the total package!' The other son chimes in,'and you're kind. I hope we both live together forever.' Wow! Tearing up!! Deep love!!

 My 12-year-old daughter came into the bathroom as I was getting into the shower last week and our exchange went something like this:

Wow, mom, your butt is getting so saggy! And, sigh, I really hope I end up with bigger boobs than you. Do you think I will?

Or what about this son-love post, from a local friend from earlier this summer:

Boys headed to Atlanta for a week. Dropping them at school this morning, Xxxx says g'bye, 'I'll miss you, Mom", and gives me our 'I love you' sign. Xxxx showers me with kisses, tons of them, and off they went. Xxxx calls me tonight and says "I forgot to tell you you're pretty, because I know that makes you happy, Mom".  sniff. I'm a lucky girl.

Um, I'm not sure I've even ever received a call from my girls while they are on vacation. Period.

BUT, with all that said, I sure do love those girls, and think they offer something incredibly special.

Case in point, yesterday my youngest and oldest were home when I decided to go out and lay out on the patio for a bit. I mentioned that I was sore from yoga and after a few whispers between the two, I was instructed not to move, they'd be right back.

The proceeded to gather all sorts of lotions and potions and what not, and give me a 30-minute "four hands" massage. The youngest pulled out some unorthodox moves, but overall? It was a half hour of bliss.

So, although snails and puppies would be totally cool, I'm still mighty grateful for my sugar and spice. Times three.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Okay, so here is where I should post examples of loving sentiments my son regularly bestows upon me?


Just kidding, I think it's true that there's something special between a mom and her boy, which almost makes up for the fact of how smelly they are.



Me, You, or Ellie said...

The only boys I know are my nephews, and one called the other "poop face" today. In the nicest possible way.

But I will tell you this. My sisters love their sons, smelly or not. And we're all ready for the start of the fierce, protective, manly love.

Nice score on the massage!


Lacking Boy love in Central PA said...

Not sure if it's what I deserve or need, but I have a son and have never heard nor experienced ANY of what you just wrote about since he was maybe 6 years old...kind of depressing, eh?!
Maybe he's holding out until he's in his 20s to show any overt love or appreciation for his mother.
BUT, he did come find me in the middle of our amazing Oktoberfest (with 70+ people in the barn) and ask if I was going to come to the house to fold his clothes before his friend came to take him back to his dorm.
How's that for love?!?