Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Full Boogsie

When Jacquie's kids were wee -- 750 years ago, by her calculations -- and Mistah and I used to spend months at a time visiting that patient and gracious family, Jacquie would pitch her baby girl into our bed in the mornings, so she -- Jacquie -- could get another hour of sleep or take a shower or get ready for work, because all her little infant daughter wanted to do at 5 or 6 in the morning, wide awake, was play.

One early morning, after a particularly difficult night, as she threw her pink-footsie-pj'd-baby our way, Jacquie said, "She. Is a Little Pink Booger."

And thus . . . 

. . . Ms. Boogsie was born.

You of course know Ms. Boogsie. Mistah and I had her all to ourselves for a couple of days this past summer.

She's all grown up now, though. Sigh.


Fast forward 750 11 years. Our friend Kim was planning to stop by our house with her wee baby girl on Saturday and texted me, "Me and the Boogz are on our way."

The Boogz!

We have been lucky enough in our lives to have the acquaintance of Ms. Boogsie. And now? The Boogz too?!

The Boogz arrived and she is, as my Dad would say, a perfect little package.

Her mom's not half bad either.

We had a lovely interlude on the deck, on yet another gorgeous October 2013 day . . .

. . . and we loved getting to get to know our newest, youngest, littlest, pink-clad Boogz-girl.

Of course, we couldn't help but think about those long-ago days with the original little pink-clad Boogsie Senior.

We told Kim that Ms. Boogsie had a great trick when she was wee. If she got really excited -- like, for instance, every time she saw herself in the mirror -- she'd get a maniacal look of glee on her face, and windmill both her arms and both her legs faster than the speed of light, and screech. We called it, of course, doing The Full Boogsie. We finally documented her performance at a hotel room in Austin, while Jacquie was downstairs in a conference:

The Full Boogsie

Kimmie's girl The Boogz is still little, she's still got a couple of months of growing up to do before she reaches the age where she can learn The Full Boogsie.

But I have every confidence The Boogz is going to follow proudly in the illustrious Boogsie footsteps.


Beth said...

Oh my, my, that last photo of the full boogsie is hilarious!!! What a cute post. Warms this raniny, cool morning right up.

And, whoa, Mistah was such a hottie!

And also? Jacquie's right, it has been approximately 750 years since you all have visited.

Come west!!!!!!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, my little pink booger pie. She was such a fun baby, mouth always in the shape of that wide open, howling smile. She was (and is) part bobcat, ya know.

Have fun with the next generation!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Huh. And here I was, all this time, thinking she was part wolverine.


Boogsie Fan in Central PA said...

Looks like Mistah has traded in his sunglasses on the head for reading glasses...has it really been 750 years?!?
You all are aging well :)

The Boogz's mom said...

I *LOVE* this!! Boogsie Sr. has grown up to be a beautiful young lady! Here's to another happy 750 years! :)

The Boogz's mom said...

Oh, and just for fun, the origin of our Boogz's name came one day when we were doing the Boogie in the kitchen listening to Pandora. When her daddy walked into the kitchen, I said, Have you met the Amazing Boogie Boogz?! Clearly, the name stuck!