Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let's Do This Thing

This is a good foundation, this Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation. We've talked about it many times before, here in these pages. How 100% -- that's a lot -- of the money raised by the walkers goes straight to breast cancer research. I mean, who does that??

Well, we do.

Mistah has helped me document the amazingness that *is* the walk in 2012, in 2011, in 2010, in 2009, in 2008, in 2007 we were in Florida and I missed it, and well, I didn't have a blog back then, either -- way back to 2006, the inaugural year.

It really is the best Foundation ever.

This year's Walk started, as they all do, with lots of planning and meetings and brainstorming. But the walk itself?

The walk itself starts with stretching.

Light stretching, kids. No one wants to pull a hammie before the festivities even start, now.

The start itself is such an incredible, emotional moment . . .

. . . I feel like a mama bird, sending my baby chickens off into the world . . .

. . . I'm always a blubbering mess.

. . . "be careful out there kids! Have a great walk."

Thankfully our walkers have Superheroes On Wheels looking out for them, all along the way.

[So, yeah. Next year I will take photos along the route, and I will take photos of my kick-ass lunch crew. Next year.]

But meanwhile, fast forward to the closing at Camp Harkness.

Can anyone say the words "Rock-'n'-Roll Superstar"?

Oh yes, I can. Thanks, Sue. You're a goddess.

And look! Look who has joined us!

That's right. Mistah has.

Martha once again proved herself to be her usual inimitable Walking Machine. In honor of her bestie, our founder, Norma Logan.

It is just a wonderful day . . .

. . . and a wonderful event . . .

. . . and an incredible cause.

And we are going to keep doing this. Until we find a cure.

Let's Do This Thing.


Beth said...

As always, an inspiring post written by an inspiring person about an inspiring event ;)

Another one in the books, and more cash for more, much needed research.

Way to be a part of it, E!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well done, you. I thank you on behalf of both my left and right breast.