Thursday, October 23, 2014


Halloween is weird.  It's weirdly marketed and weirdly displayed and weirdly celebrated. My kids have had the misfortune of having the celebration fall on weeknights for the majority of the years when they truly could have made the most out of all night candy binging, and now that they've finally got a Friday night we are all a bit over it.

There are subtle ways to find joy in this weird holiday though, and I realized that I've captured some of this weirdness on my cell phone camera.

What's weird about these is that my friend who knows about inventory thought I was lucky to have found them. They are rare? Precious? Wanna buy some? Sorry, we ate them.

This adult sized ninja turtle big suit is weird. I sent this photo to both of my kids on the eve of their dad's birthday to ask if we should get it for them. Neither responded. When I got home they were disappointed hat I hadn't bought it.

An all-in-one horror kit. What's not to weirdly love?

OH, this doesn't belong in the weird category. But look at my girl! She's in Godspell right now I love her red lips and her jaunty cap.

A doggie costume party. Weird.

Weirdly AWESOME.

sharkdog was a pretty good costume...

But this? I d.i.e. A martini.

back to retail, and a charming airblown inflatable reaper. Weird.

Would it be weirder if the Lab Jar was without Head?

One or more of these humans are weird.

I'm not naming any names

He's going as weird half toofus monster this year, I presume. Can you zoom in on that label on his head? I didn't even notice it until we got it home

Happy Halloweird, you Halloweirdos!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ok, so much to comment on....

Photo 1: I'm glad they're rare. Ew.
Photo 2: I'm totally disappointed too!
Photo 3:The hand is the best part
Photo 4: And striped shirt and *daisies!*
Photo 5: Lady butt, instead of lady bug? Weird.
Photo 6: The doggies sure do love that jack-o-lanturn dude
Photo 7: Meh
Photo 8: I d.i.ei too. Awesome.
Photo 9: Agreed.
Photo 10: Then it would be a candycorn container
Photo 11: More than one
Photo 12: Not necessary
Photo 13: Half toofus rules!
Photo 14: Spooky Village has a good marketing director :/


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I d.i.e. too :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Chinless crazies!

That martini dog is to *die* for. But not in the *real* sense of die. More like fake Halloween dying. With fake blood. Oooh, maybe I could borrow the all-in-one horror kit?

My personal favorite, though? Mr. Jack-O-Lantern Man's jack-o-lantern shirt. You gotta admire his sense of humor.




Me, You, or Ellie said...

p.s. Your girl is to die for too.

As are Beth's comments on your photos.

Love abounds.


jacquie said...

That's my boy's workplace halloween doggie party, and jack-o-man is his boss :)

It's a good gig


mom said...

Your Godspell girl is definitely the highlight of this post! love, mom