Wednesday, October 15, 2014

what's the problem?

We finished the back yard hardscaping project quite a while ago, and we have a problem.

Remember this project?

The work wasn't a problem

It was challenging and satisfying work

There were no problems with the preparing of ground

There were no problems with the distribution of rock material

There was no problem finding cheap labor

Or gettin' er done
It wasn't even a problem that we had surplus decomposed granite. We simply carried it around to both the side and front yards.

The problem was not placement of stepping stones.


The problem is not the assembly of the new swingy swing thing

We knocked that sucker out in no time.

No problem

The problem is not in the liking of this yard.

We love it!

The problem isn't these gorgeous cacti that we inherited from the next door neighbor

Although we suspect that the cacti have been a problem for certain big dumb dogs who don't learn the first time, and whose eyes are currently swollen nearly shut....


The problem is that I fit perfectly on the bench.

It is exactly Jacquie sized
My feet rest right up against the support bar, so with almost no effort whatsoever I can swing.

I can go back and forth or to and fro

So I do

And therein lies the problem

I keep falling asleep and losing my place in the book.


Beth said...

You win!

Moki loses! (Poor girl)

Love all these domestic photos. You all did a bang up job with the entire project, *especially* with the swingy swing thing. Obviously....zzzzzzzzzzz


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh my GOD! The pa-roblem! That is a terrible problem and I feel terribly for you.

It is gorgeous and wonderful and surprising and perfect. I haven't been there in a long time, and when I was last there? Small children were a-play in that selfsame space . . .

But now that it's a human-sized spot? Well, holy haysus. It's gorgeous. But still, I feel terribly for you.

Falling asleep, rocking in the swingy thing, in the yard, in San Diego, surrounded by cacti, in temperate weather?

Weirdly, I can relate: that's how I feel here, with my new gas fireplace . . .


Love! Grand post, schnook.


mom said...

It is an amazing space, and I'm in awe of Jacquie putting that swing together - Dad would be proud... have a nice nap... xoxo mom