Friday, October 17, 2014

The big 7-o

So yesterday was the day. The day my mother became a septuagenarian. (Omg, was that spelling hard to get right! Maybe I'll be smart enough not to have to look it up when I become one.)

Like all birthdays after the age of 42, apprently (a blog post for another time), they are bittersweet. A combination of, yay! I've made it another year, and oh no, another year has come and gone, and they all seem to be going faster and faster and faster. And, well, they aren't unlimited like are returns to the all-you-can-eat buffet in Las Vegas, nor are they without their sometimes unwanted physical changes.

But this is not that kind-of post. No! This is all about properly celebrating my mom at an intimate little family gathering.

After a quick stop at the cupcake bakery and grocery store for, well, cupcakes and Shirly Temple makings on the way home from the busstop, we were ready.

The Champage was chilled, the minimal apps prepped, the ballons tied up, and presents wrapped.

And all the most important people were there. My mom (duh!), and her bestie, Ariel, who is in visiting from Florida to help celebrate properly all week long, as well as me (duh!) and my girls.

Happy 70th, mom!

Let's do it again for your 80th! xoxo


Pat said...

It was perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Love, Mom

jacquie said...

Great photos! Happy, happy Birthday Pat. Hope I have a chance to share a toast with you soon.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

This is just perfect and awesome! Yay Pat! Yay Beth for fete-ing Pat! Love you lovelies.



Central PA said...

Happiest of birthdays to your mom!! She looks fantastic (i don't actually think she's aging)...and what a gift that you have her to celebrate with! Just wish the Orioles had given her the gift of a WIN.

ariel said...

So fun being able to be part of the celebratory days!

mom c. said...

Happy Birthday Pat, you sure don't look your age! You're just a kid in my book.....xo ellen

MB said...

Happy 70th to Pat! Looks like a great celebration! xo