Friday, October 10, 2014

tv head

I recently had occasion to seek solace in an endless stream of passive entertainment. Yay, Netflix! I had many, many hours to kill so I asked my family for their opinions about which Netflix shows I should binge watch.  Here are their suggestions, along with my review and commentary:

1. Well let me start by saying that I've already watched Orange is the New Black. Otherwise that would have been a justifiable numero uno.

2. Breaking Bad - watched the first 3 (4? got as far as a certain bathtub/ceiling incident). Really good, riveting. I can see why it won all of the things. I will continue this one fo sho.

3. Sons of Anarchy - watched the first 2 episodes. It's a no for me, despite the hotness of Jacks. It's too much, I can not.

4. Top of the Lake - watched a bunch of these, maybe 5 or 6? It was a close contender for a while but I became somewhat disenchanted when I looked up the lead actress and discovered that her accent was fake. It reminds me of the Showtime series Shameless in that it's really good and I'm desperate to know how everything turns out, but there is honestly only so much fucked-upedness I can endure in binge fashion. I'll return to this one too, though.

5. The Killing - People. T.h.e. K.i.l.l.i.n.g. Hear me when I tell you that this is the one. It's got everything, and I am in love with both leads. There is a crime and each episode is a day in the investigation. Many twists, many laughs, many gut wrenches, and just the right amount of fucked-upedness. I tore through not one but two whole seasons, and I'm chomping at the bit to start season 3. I figure I should pretend to care about the real world for another day or two, then I can dive back in to the cold, dark, pale world of Holder and Lynden. Swoon.

Of honorable yet unsatisfactory mention:

House of Lies - I watched the first season of this and was looking for it, but it's not on Netflix.
Downton Abby - Obvs. And it's available on Amazon Prime, of which I am a card carrying member, but it does not yet stream to mobile devices and I was using an iPad. Rude.

And a few others that were recommended after I'd already gone down the rabbit hole. Sisters, do you remember?

You'd probably also like to know what I'm currently watching DVRing on network TV. I mean, why wouldn't you?

Scandal - big hearts forevah
New Girl - going downhill in a hurry but still makes me laugh
Mindy Project -ditto, but I'm holding out so much hope because I love Mindy
Top Chef - starts next week?
Parenthood - everyone annoys me but I can't stop
Modern Family - a whole family viewing affair, so love
Survivor - forevah
Project Runway - almost over
Amazing Race - season started but I've yet to watch it. Bethany Hamilton is on there!

Am I missing anything good? 


MB said...

Love The Bridge! Hope they (FX) renew it.

Beth said...

Have no idea!

I'm not sure you got enough Gemma in the fist two episodes of SOA? She's the bomb.

I do not like House of Cards for the same reason you do not like Top of the Lake. Kevin Spacey's southern accent is so off!


jacquie said...

House of LIES, Beth! With Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell. I had the idea of watching HOC with my kids, but then someone warned me about graphic 3-ways so I figured I'd wait til they're both in high school or something.

The characters were great in SOA, it was just too much. Maybe at some other time of life.

MB (another SOA fan), I'm adding The Bridge to my queue. Gracias, sister!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I loved Top of the Head of the Heart of the Lake. It was only months later I heard that Elizabeth Moss -- she the American of Mad Men fame -- was, well, American, and of Mad Men fame.

House of Lies? I die. I die for Don Cheadle. I will sign up for anything that man does. He can do it *all*.

And even though I pay $8.07 a month for OITNB, I have not been able to get through the latest season. It's too TENSE. I'm too NERVOUS.

And by the by? You forgot Homeland.

Love you.