Tuesday, October 21, 2014


We're lucky peeps, lucky to have old friends far and wide, lucky to have a crucial friend, who hosts said far-and-wide peeps every year.

He calls it Octoberfest, but I like to extrapolate and call it "Bruce's Party". To be contrary. And belligerent.

The next morning . . .

What? We weren't hanging around taking photos during the party . . .

Oh, wait. Yes we were . . . .

photo credit: buzzie

Well, Buzzie was.

credit: buzzie

These peeps all graduated from Norwalk High School -- Home of Pride Intensified -- about 175 years ago. *Way* before Denise and I did. Three years after they did.

At least we had the youthfulness of the daughter of our illustrious hosts, to keep us from toppling off the edge of the earth.

Anyway. The next morning.

It's nice up there, in the northwest part of Connecticut.

Connecticut is a wee state, but the northwest part of Connecticut is about as far away as you can get from the southeast part of Connecticut, and still be in the same wee state.

We leaf-looked . . .

. . . we're leaf-lookahs.

. ..  and we had a spectacular ride home in the Westy but we were too busy driving to take photos then. Safety first, my friends.

But in the meantime, we got a good dose of Fall . . .

Mistah bonded with Doggie . . .

Aw, Doggie.

And most importantly of all,

Class of '81 rocks.


Beth said...

Ah, a tiny bit of tree porn from the wee state of of Connecticut. Thank you.

All you people look gorgeous in your autumnal sweaters and coats and layers.


jacquie said...

love! it's hard to imagine that summer will ever end, what with the end of days and all. But i must say that if it ever does? You and your NHS crew look perfectly suited for the crisp cool air. Love!