Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mojo, Meet Juju

Mojo. Juju. 

The World Series is all about them both. The 7th Game of the World Series is all about them both.  Life is all about them both.

Urban Dictionary describes Mojo thusly:

The word originally means a charm or a spell. But now its more commonly said meaning sex appeal or talent.

"I can get any girl if I just use a bit of the old mojo" 

"Man, that girl has MOJO!" 

 "God help me, I think I've lost my mojo!"

And Juju?

Back to our friends at Urban Dictionary; my favorite is definition #6 . . .

A general feeling or vibe, usually negative (bad ju-ju). Can be used in reference to karma, etc.

"I'm getting some bad ju-ju from that cop. I think he's going to arrest me."

"I'm not surprised I broke my arm; I've still got some bad ju-ju from that time I hacked"

Mojo? Juju? We'll see who's got what tonight. Game 7, baby.


Dawnie said...

Royals all the way, baby!

Pat said...

Ya gotta love the little guy--go Royals!!!

Beth said...

Is the world series going on?

Kidding, it is going on, and I know it is going on. I even saw some of last night's game! It was on in True Foods , right in front of my face while eating at the bar, so there you go. It was 9 to zip when I was watching. I had not seen any of the series since the first(?) game when it was on at the OB Wherehouse, when SF was killing the Royals 7 to 0. How great that it's such a contest. I thought SF would sweep them.

May the best team win, be they from the midwest or the great state of California. Although I guess if I was forced to pick, I'd go Giants. I know they win a lot, but I know a lot of people who would be very happy if they won. The Royals, not so much. (Not true Royals fans, anyway.)

TMI? ha


Beth said...

Plus I will forever love Bruce Bochy ;)

Orioles Fan in Central PA said...

Beth needs to remember that it's easier to live with losing a series as long as the team that beats you ends up being the World Series Champions. As a life long Orioles fan, the Royals need to use their Mojo and WIN.IT.ALL. to make our loss to them tolerable.
There you have it.