Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I've got a list too

So, I read this article the other day: 11 Ways Growing Up Abroad Is Ruining My Daughter's Life

Did you see it?

Well, (although slightly annoying) it made me want to grab my girls and get right outta here and go live somewhere with WAY less crazy making, which leaves the locations WIDE open. 'Cause if we're talking about developed nations that are not at war (let me re-phrase that, since we are ALWAYS at war) don't have a war taking place on their soil, America may just win "the most crazy making" award.

It gets tiring.

But, seeing as I need to work with what I've got (you know, two baby daddies who live here in San Diego and no real way to provide for my girls in some wild, remote location), I've concocted my own list:

9 great things about living smack-dab under the flight path of America's 8th largest city:

1. You can sing as loud as you want in the backyard when the planes are flying overhead and no one can hear you.

2. You can pretend you didn't hear someone if you don't like what they are saying if a plane is going overhead.

3.You don't need an alarm clock, the planes wake you up at 6:30 sharp each morning.

4. Getting to the airport is quick, easy, and inexpensive. You could walk if you had to.

5. You can impress toddlers who are in their "transportation" phase. Man, do they dig watching the planes take off, get close, and then fly DIRECTLY overhead.

6. You have a good excuse to never have a garden party, too loud.

7. The temperature that is displayed on the news and on your phone is the temperature at your house, because they base those numbers on a city's airport (for some reason that I don't entirely understand).

8. You can play that music blasting into your headphones as loudly as you want! You're going to go deaf anyway.

And number 9? Well number 9, is the same on my list as on Crystal Blue's list:

9. She is We are thankful.
She is We are thankful for the little, free things in life. I mean big things, like when it's finally 11:30 pm and no flights are allowed to take off until 6:30 am. Ah, blessed silence.  sunshine and seahorses, like baby turtles and fresh drinking water, time with mommy, bare feet, health, understanding another language, colorful reef, universal friendships and rainbows.


Pat said...

Yeah but itsnt it worth it to live in your beautiful house, right near the ocean in this amazing city!!
Love, Mom

P.s.cdont even kid about moving away--I am here to stay

jacquie said...

Your house is so lovely, planes be damned. I like watching them through your cool kitchen cabinets! I can't wait for your garden party.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love garden parties! And San Diego! And cool cabinets!

And I love your Mom and she is there to stay, so therefore you are too. For now at least.

Oh! And one more thing. I love planes.