Monday, October 20, 2014

see C cook

This morning on the way to school when I said "Oh crap, I think I was supposed to blog this morning," my daughter immediately replied: "write about ME!"

She immediately recanted the offer, citing numerous examples of embarrassing behavior on my part when it came to my internet hijinx.

Sorry babe. This one's for you:


cooking with cdog

When life gives you rotting bananas, there's really only one thing to do...
Pull out the tried and true and tasty recipe that first came from Beth

Then find yourself a weirdo helper chef and suit her up 

She remembers that her grandfather always sported a towel on his shoulder when cooking

First, measure the butter carefully, and make a precise cut

eh, close enough. Something was distracting her....

Hmmmm. Look what's being erected in the next room....

Nevermind that. It's time to measure the sugar! With a gravy ladle.

Again with the precision!

Busted in the act of "cleaning up" the sugar.

Ooooh, this is getting really tall.
And look, there are prisoners! And intruders!

But never mind that, it's time for the best part!

Details, details.

Now the second best part!
Hmmm, this reminds me of another recipe....

Meanwhile, this thing is almost to the ceiling!

And this bad boy is almost to the oven!

Missions accomplished. Now for a grand finale:


julie said...

love xoxoxo
cutest kids, best mommy ever

Beth said...

Awww! Look at those minis.

I have bananas just like those pictured here and was supposed to make banana bread with my C last night. But failed. Julie's right, you the beat mama ever!


mom said...

I love those two wee ones, so darn cute - miss you Cali peeps. love, mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

She is beyond adorable, then and now. Your children are so little! And so cute!

Love the apron, love the towel, love the goggles, love her exacting, precise attention to cooking detail.

Just all around love.