Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday moaning

I feel al little bit crappy when I write “Monday moaning.” It’s whiny and petty and perhaps not the best way to spend my time, but it does feel good to bitch sometimes, doesn’t it?

Perhaps when I’m more self actualized I’ll write “Feelgood Friday” or “Thrilled about Thursday,” but until then, I’ll continue bitch on Monday mornings if I’m so inclined.

Rise and shine
I hate those mornings when the baby wakes up just when the dawn is breaking, which is 45 minutes ahead of schedule, but not so early that she’ll go back to sleep. Even with the new blackout shade that her dad installed a few weeks ago, she’s not fooled. If she can see any light, however dim, baby girl figures that it’s time to get up. And she’s not shy about letting everyone know.

I try the stealth entrance, then refrain from eye contact as I find her pacifier, shove it back into her mouth, and place her back into sleep position. But it rarely works. Sigh.

I guess it’s one reason to be thankful the daylight hours are getting shorter.

Be the Buddha
It’s such a joy kill when I’m lying peacefully in bed, reading a good book, with my faithful cat lying on me looking like a slanty-eyed Buddha, peacefully vibrating with love and good karma, and my husband busts in as says, “Get that thing OFF of our bed!

Here’s what she’d say to him if she could

Who’s the fairest in the land?
I agree with Jacquie when it comes to the local county fair. I loathe it. It’s hellish. But unlike Jacquie, I don’t even like the carnies. I really can’t think of anything I like about the fair. The beer? Okay, yes, I like the beer, but it’s $17 for two microbrews. I have a hard time shelling this amount at a nice restaurant, but at the fair? It’s crazy making. I do it, of course (I have to in order to survive the fair itself), but I hate it nonetheless.

The rides? Hate them. The games? Ugh, even worse. The food? No thank you. The people? Way too many of them, moving too slowly, toward some awful ride, or game, or fried food (I kid you not they are selling fried butter this year). The farm animals? Cute, but is anyone mucking out those stalls? The entertainment? Sometimes. If it’s these guys, then sure, I like it.

But if it’s Blue Oyster Cult trying trying once again to make a comeback (July 5th!), then no, no I don’t.

The competitions? If it’s this competition

and my husband is a participant, then okay, I guess so. But geez, he didn’t even win. Don’t you guys know quality when you taste it?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love it Beth! Fried butter, though? God help us all.

If your moaning is always this entertaining, bring it on.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love the wee ghetto punks, wish I could have seen their dance! Bill took the kids to the fair on Friday, if you hadn't deleted your facebook page(again), you could see the photos of both kids in the pie eating contest! I tried to talk my boy in bringing me back a chocolate covered pickle, but the only thing he came home with was this weird aboriginal flute thing. And a second place ribbon. And pie in his nostrils.

Condolences to Tommy on the brew competition! Let me know if you ever need a taster.


hates humidity in PA said...

If it makes you feel better (and it should) PA is so uptight about alcohol, you couldn't buy a beer for $9, even if you wanted to!

I started my Monday by driving for 6 hours(!) to get back from dropping Olivia off at camp...and I have to make the same drive to get her on Thursday...add that to the Monday Moan!!