Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend 3-way: random loveliness

I'm inspired by my lovely and loved co-bloggers' recent posts, highlighting select random moments of pure loveliness. I love those photos that we save without quite knowing why, the ones we make a point to skip past when running through a cleansing purge of the ol' memory stick. Ellie's Motley and Beth's Hodgepodge posts brought to mind some of my own random images, and what better way to share the lovely than in this weekend's 3-way?

Let's celebrate the random lovely moments we've recently seen captured on camera...


First, let it be noted that I will never again be caught without a ready photo of a pretty drink

Eric's mai tais, as I live and breathe

Next, we have a shot that really requires no explanation:


Finally, the photo of my heart. My girl and her Brownie Troop, fastidiously preparing breakfast at the soup kitchen for a long line of appreciative folks on a bad turn of luck.

Those faces. Those faces.


Does this look like a Mini Boden clothing ad, or what?!

Doesn't this marshmellow ant just make you smile?

How to get a baby to sleep on an airplane

Wow, what loveliness you lovely co-bloggers have! Let's see if I can find even more loveliness this week.

Ah ha!

Sunday, June Twentieth, is a Big Day in our family:

Happy 9th Birthday to my lovely lovely niece.
(This was her 6th birthday, way back when.)

Happy Fathers Day to our lovely lovely Dad.

Happy 51st Anniversary to our lovely lovely Mom and Dad.

Loveliness, indeed.

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