Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recipe for disaster

This sign has been causing some consternation. At least it has been causing me some consternation. Does it worry you too? I'm not sure exactly when the "tsunami evacuation route" signs went up, but they now line Sea World Drive, a thoroughfare that is quite close, but yet east, of my home.

I'm pretty sure people are going to instinctually head east, away from the giant walls of water, but what do I know. Maybe we need signs.

More upsetting than the pretty blue signs advertising tidal waves, is the new design of our street.
Last week, literally overnight, our street when from its normal, flat driving surface to this:

There was an earthquake last Tuesday night. Not a big one, I didn't even feel it while in the shower, actually, but my husband and many of the neighbors did, and headed outside to gab about it, as folks are known to do.

By the next day, we've got this going on:

Can you say holy shit?

That same week we get the bill from these guys:

Can you say good timing??


Christina said...

Those Tsunami evacuation signs popped up along Torrey Pines state beach and then east into Del Mar last year. Freaked me out too!!

not Tsunami signs in PA said...

holy shit is right...what does earthquake coverage go for these days?!

I'm with you on the "do we really need any signs?" I'd be on the 8 East highway and I haven't even lived there in 17 years :)

Just remember: tsunami warnings is a small price to pay for living in paradise!

Jacquie said...

If our paradise sits atop liquefied soil, we're all screwed! Good thing you have a boat, just hop on board and ride the big waves!!


Looking forward to seeing you tonight!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ohdeargod. Tsunami? Really? Will you please all just be careful out there??