Tuesday, June 7, 2011

700 degrees of separation

Did I mention that our friends Scott and Cori are do-it-yourselfers --- do-it-themselfers -- theirselvers handy? They are the kind of people that I imagine I can be; it’s a dream I enjoy while lying in my bed late on Sunday mornings watching The Learning Channel.

And do you know what else? They are raising handy children! Children who can cook and make things and do lots of useful chores.

Sure, my kids cook. In a campy and supervised make a huge mess and its barely edible sort of way.

But Scott and Cori are raising children who can cook things and fix things and make things and handle things like a propane tank or a 700 degree pizza oven.

Wait, what?

It’s true. They can. And I tried to act really cool when my boy accompanied his new friend out to pop their pizza into the SEVEN HUNDRED degree pizza oven.

Because they probably assume that all kids can handle this sort of thing, and they are probably right, I simply have not had the opportunity to observe my boy’s prowess at cooking in a seven hundred degree cavern fueled by open flames.

Seven hundred degrees of fuel.

Thankfully, although handy, the kids are still complete goobers.

As all young pioneers should be.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

They're so cute together -- and that pizza is so intriguing. What kind is it? It seems to be very pepperonied on one side and I'm very curious about this whole thing.

And that pizza oven is incredibly awesome. Almost as awesome as the Vulcan. Or, as Julie calls it, the range.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Those cute, cute boys and their long hair. I have a feeling they will be getting together more often than once a decade now, right?

I have to say though, those handy folks make me nervous. Okay, not nervous....more like ashamed for my total lack of handiness, or any attempt (or desire?) to instill this trait in my offspring. I would like a pizza oven though. Such a pickle! (Scott and Cori probably make their own pickles too, huh?!)


Central PA was away a few days said...

I still don't let the girls near the curling iron unattended, but I have a feeling my 13 yr old sneaks it in while I'm not around. :)