Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here we go again

I was thinking yesterday about how everything is cyclical. Case in point, I have a pair of print leggings that are currently in my clothing rotation that I first wore in San Francisco in 1991. That was 21 years ago, and viola, they are in again. (Or at least I think they are anyway.)
And music? Well, yes, music is cyclical as well.

I think we may be headed back to the 1980s. Do you remember the launch of MTV? I'm pretty sure Central PA was in my basement with my brother and me when it first aired in Baltimore. We turned that dial 'remote,' which in reality was hooked by a cord to the cable box, and loved what we saw! Radio killed the video star? Nina Blackwood? Mark Goodman? Those weird PhD and Bowie videos? We couldn't get enough. It was 1981.

In my opinion, though, 80s music is some of the worst around. What a crappy decade to be 12 - 22 years old, from a musical standpoint. No wonder I loved the Dead so much, there was so much other crap, much of it overly electronic and piped in, and, well, non-musical.

BUT, something weird is going on with me. It hit me yesterday. I am starting to re-live 80s music.

Yesterday while driving home, still without a decent CD in my car, I was hopping to hear one of two songs no the radio, both of which I realized have a total 80s vibe:

HA! And I thought the song sounded 80s? Get a load of that video! She is a combo of Cyndi Lauper (side hair, gloves), Stevie Nicks (tambourine), and maybe even a little Annie Lennox.

I also really like the popular Gotye song:

This video could be 1983, right? Kind-of scary but weirdly compelling. Seems like 80s technology too -- ooh, look at the paint application seeded up?!

Is it just me?


Pat said...

Speaking of cyclical...I left California in 1962 after graduating from high school there and now, 50 years later, I am on my way back.
If you ask me, sixties music was the best in that last 50 years.
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, I HATE that Gotye video! I'm so scared I'm going to see a penis. Have you see the other version, with everyone playing one guitar? It's awesome. Does this link work?


If not, google "Gotye ten hands"

PS: one word for you about celebrating the glory of 80s music: Superdiamond.


Mom C said...

The only music I knew/heard in the sixties were lullabies..... love, mom c.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

True dat, Mom. Six daughters between 1960 and 1968 . . .

I know not of this Gotye of whom you speak. Because although I'm *so* not stuck in the 1980s -- or the 1960s -- I'm not stuck in the 2000s either. I'm not stuck anywhere. I'm adrift in the world.

La la la la la la. Let me know if you see me fly by.


reliving some fashions in PA said...

I *was* in your basement when "video killed the radio star" because your dad hadn't cut the TV cord and hidden half of it :)

I wish I could tell you about music videos, but I think the last time Mtv played one was 1990 so it didn't occur to me that groups still made them.

I had quite a vast array of musical tastes so I think I would have been as happy at a Cyndi Lauper show as I was at the Dead shows I went to.

I just can't believe that my 11 yr old, against my clear warnings about which fashions SHOULD NOT be repeated, used her $$ at H&M to buy a cotton version of MC Hammer parachute pants!! What *is* this world coming to?!?