Friday, March 30, 2012

I love Texas

Wednesday, March 23
Subject: 10:53 and all is right with the world

Car is ready, shuttle will be here in 20 min to fetch me for car pick up, Bill will be here at 12:15 to fetch me for Clara's conference, Cab will be at school to fetch me for airport run. Good thing I'm so fetching.

Packing is a study in absurdity. I can't find my jeans or my ipod. Where are my jeans??? I wore them to the Hunger Games, then they slipped into a black hole. I don't care. The outfit I have on right now would work for any event this trip might throw at me, so bring it on beeeyatches. By beeeyatches, I supposed I mean the universe.

Last night I got next to nothing done, right when I started to pack, my friend who just bought a house around hte corner texted to say she was there if I wanted to see, so my girl and I headed over there with a bottle of champers, it was downhill from there. I came home and folded laundry and swept the house, natch. Plenty of time to pack this morning, though since I didn't work out because my foot is seriously messed up. But let's not talk about that, shall we? I'll catch you hosendorks on the flip side.

Wednesday, March 28. 10:17 pm

Hello darlings! Here in the room,shiner bock in hand. Jane- I'm in a king room on the 16th floor but will move before you arrive to a 2 queen. Hotel is nice but windows don,t open. Small fitness center and indoor pool, nice lobby bar. Very pretty location, and apparently there,s some madness in store for the Austin relay? I have no clue, but from what the guy said it sounds like bay to breakers, lol. I need to force myself to sleep, full day tomorrow that starts at 8 and I'm so excited for my seeeester to get here! Cab from the airport was $20, cheaper than my ride in sd. I forgot my toothbrush and face stuff - just called for toothbrush and they are en route. Awesomeness! I'll check in often tomorrow.

Thursday, 3:56 pm

Hi! Jane is in flight and scheduled to arrive 30 min early! Can't wait to see that kid. Today has been a whirlwind, I'm so ready to play. After my 6 ish hours of sleep I was so dead this morning, I was nodding off during the 8am keynote and I was getting bummed that I'd be wrecked by the time Jane arrived. So at 9am I went up to my room, shut the drapes, set the alarm for 30 minutes and had the world's most restorative power nap! I was so smug, I bragged to anyone who would listen. I changed rooms, the hotel is kinda lame but the location is great and the meeting rooms are wall to wall windows! So rare and lovely for a conference.

The peeps are all going to a big hosted dinner right now but I am just waving buh bye. I scored us club level passes and apparently there are hors every evening and breakies In the morning and the world's most awesome coffee contraption. I made myself a quadruple espresso around 2.. Wheeeeeee! My phone is currently charging in the room, I'll stop and get it on my way up to hors. I thought I might work out but I can't be indoors anymore so I went for a little walk but it's really hot out there and I was a little a scared to wander without my phone... So now I'll either go put shorts on or go to the bar.... It's like Sophie's choice!

4:22 pm

Hi! I'm back with either a funny or a turkey sandwich, you be the judge. I came up to the club room to check out the goods, the world's cutest boy was up here setting up for happy hour (excuse me while I swig my shiner... mmmmmmm) He told me all about a million bats under a bridge or something. He asked if I needed anything before he went down to get the food. I say "what've ya got? hahahahah. No really, I'm just hydrating with water and charging my phone." He said go ahead and turn the tv on or whatever, enjoy yourself. Before he left 2 kids came barging in, all wet from the pool and raiding the complimentary soda fridge. They are just like My kids' ages, arguing with him that yes they CAN be in here without parents, they've been in here without parents all day long! They turned on cartoon network at top volume, and I though F that S, started packing up. He was distraught, "what's wrong? why are you leaving?" I told him I'd be back, I didn't want to listen to the cartoons and I would go down for a beer. He led me into the other room and handed me a shiner bock, apologizing for the fact that it wasn't free ($3.50, they are $5 downstairs. I love texas) and told the kids they were kicked out as soon as he gets back with the food. I sat at a table by the window and was looking for a plug for my stupid phone and he pointed out the one by the other table, and I made some bratty remark about wanting everything within my reach by the window, and he was distraught "I'm so sorry!" I was all: Dude. He looked at me with his cute face and earnest glasses and said "I am allowed to be sorry." I love Texas. He's kicking the kids out right now, they're going to see the bats. I need to post for the blog tomorow, might just cut and paste this dumb story. I don't know if I can figure out how to take and post a photo from my ipad. This room has a desktop computer (so much better, F that laptop S, mom) and I'm soooo hoppy! Jane is coming!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

"I Love Texas" or "Thoughts from an Over-Caffeinated Mind".

Love being inside that brain of your with you, sistah. It's very interesting in there. And fun.

"By beeeyatches, I suppose I mean the universe", "It's like Sophie's Choice", "I'm allowed to be sorry." and my favorite: "He told me all about a million bats under a bridge or something." You will know *all* about the Congress Street Bridge bats before you leave Austin, my darlin' girl.



Lisa S said...

I just got back from Austin! Go to the Lobby Bar at the Four Seasons at dusk for a great view of the bats (and a yummy, expensive cocktail.)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Who needs Bridget Jones, we've got Jacquie!

I can almost picture your cute, earnest boy setting up for happy hour, but really more concerned about trying to please you than anything else! Winning.

Can't wait to hear about all of the other reasons you love Texas!