Friday, April 4, 2014

stolen moments

I mentioned in a recent post that my boy has begun to realize that if he continues to protest being photographed, he will virtually disappear from our family archive. When I first told him this, he shrugged and blah blahed, so I didn't think it had any impact. Yet that day when I produced a camera while the three of us were mid-jaunt on the OB pier, he agreed to stand still and look in my general direction. He actually came out and said: "Okay, because I know I'll want to see myself in family pictures later in life." This kid. I swear.

Can we just pause and look at my getup? I don't even know. Am *I* worthy of the family archive?
I am keenly aware that my girl is much more prevalent in photos, here and on facebook and everywhere. It's mostly in deference to his disdain for being photographed, and respect for his privacy as he gets older and wiser (snort). Also, my girl is more omnipresent, and always doing things like:  



Always in the midst of the action, always placing herself just so.

I  try to find ways to sneak photos that include my boy, and honor his requests not to post any moments I do steal.

But sometimes, at some moments, I reserve my right to  share photos of my boy, because he's great and he's funny and also kind of gorgeous. 

Sometimes he knows this is going on:

Other times are more stealthily captured, when the light and the moment and the mood is just absolute perfection:

This one's my favorite. I love those dumb faces so, so much.

What are they looking at, you wonder?

Our last sunset at San Elijo
In the archives.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Holy Haysus the Ba-Yuty! Your children are weirdly gorgeous. That skin! And San Elijo ain't half-bad either.

And although you chastise your own ensemble, I couldn't help but notice a few other odd choices in your stolen moments. Like, for instance, you husband. In leisure trousers. At sunset.

So lovely! And now you can admire yourselves in perpetuity. As it should be.


mom said...

I love this, love seeing our boy looking so grown up and handsome.. and our girl?? what can I say.... love, mom

Beth said...

Oh my, my, my, that last round of photos, on the bench, yes, with your man in his stripped leisure trousers at sunset? They are perfection!!

Gorgeous dumb faces on all of your people. (Not really dumb, simply quoting you ;)

Looks like you people had a great san elijo getaway. As it should be. (To quote your elder sister, Ellie).


MB said...

Gorgeous! All of you! So good to see you beautiful peeps on that beautiful west coast beach. Miss you xo

Jane said...

soooooo beautiful. love so much.