Thursday, April 3, 2014

Love my lid

I did not participate in the virtual toast on Tuesday, although, ironically enough, I could of. I don't usually start drinking on a Tuesday at 3:15 pm, but well, this Tuesday I did.....

It was opening day for the Padres. Sort of. They actually added a game before "opening day" for TV purposes, or so I hear. I don't really know. Or care, truth be told. But the game and atmosphere on Tuesday were opening day-ish for sure.

In fact, the concessions people had no earthly idea what they were doing and by mid-game most vendors could only take cash, their electronic payment devices by then jammed up and inoperable. (Good thing I had cash.)

As you may already know, my mom has been to many an opening day. And by many, I mean, 37!  I've caught a few here and there. Mostly here, I guess. But I do see it becoming a yearly tradition with my mom and me.

At least until she bumps me for some hot guy.

Last year they gave us opening day T's. They were cool, but yesterday's lids were a step up, in fact they were actually pretty freaking nice.

See them there, right under that Pad's player's crotch?
(What da? Not sure why I thought this spot was perfect for our 2014 photo op)

Like last year, we ducked out a few innings early
 to grab a beer at a nearby bar.
Apparently, it was pretty fun.

And when I got home, I could not resist taking this selfie in my new lid. I mean, could they have made a hat that more perfectly matched my Padres sweatshirt? No, no they couldn't have. It's a perfect match. 
The Padres may have lost. But I won. #lovemylid.


Play Ball in Central PA said...

And more importantly, the ORIOLES beat the Red Sox for an Opening Day win!

MB said...

Love your new lids, and so happy you had such a fun Opening Day together, Beth & Pat! xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh my GOD you are so adorable I could scream.

What fun, to have Pat in San Diego with you. Finally. Right where she belongs.

If I were you, I'd stick with her. The woman knows a thing or two about Opening Day, clearly.

And you are included in any and all Virtual Toasts, always. Mission Brewery Hefeweizen (con naranja) in hand.



Pat said...

It was very fun...thanks for being my baseball buddy for this most important day!
Love, Mom

And you do look adorable!

mom c said...

You're both adorable.... xo mom c/ellen