Monday, August 11, 2008

A Tale of Two Flip Flops

Once upon a time, I had a great pair of flip flops. I traded my friend Autumn a pair of black sandals for the flip flops. Then I reposessed the sandals, but refused to give her back the flip flops, so if you want to be all technical, I guessI just plain stole them.

Here they are, with Ellie’s caption from her recent putt-putt post:

“This shot is exceptionally meaningful because
these are the flip-flops
Mark threw into the river the following night.”

It’s true.

Those flip flops are goners.

Remember the night of the laughing and the dancing at Mark's in Milford?

Remember Mark?
Remember Milford?
Stumbling Walking home to Mark’s house that fateful night after a well thought out nightcap, because no one seals the deal quite like Jack Daniels, Mar and Mark and I walked over this bridge
and then along the river on our way to the dark and scary wooded path shortcut home.
In one step, I tripped and nearly fell on my face. It was not because of Mr. JD, it was because my beloved brown flip flop had busted through at the toe.
We three geniuses calmly and intelligently surveyed the damage, tried Mary Beth’s sage idea of repairing it with my hair claw, and then determined that it was a goner.
Mark, choosing humor over environmentalism, took the hobbled shoes and chucked them into the river.

I bravely hoofed it home, where my sweet big sister loaned me her adorable and wee pink geisha shoes

hee hee hee hee

The next day, back in my parents' neck of the woods, I took a sojourn to Marshall's to shop for a replacement pair, because what self respecting California girl can go a day without flip flops?

I labored over the options, of which there were many, from $5 flats $30 bedazzled numbers. I splurged on a $20 pair that were sturdy and cute with just enough support. Here they are featured in a leg-heavy photo taken by our very own Mr. Schlekah

In all fairness to Milford, this is Mark's lovely back yard

And so the princess lived happily ever after in her glass slippers.
But wait...
Evil lurks back at the castle
What beast is this?!

What destroyer of dreams?!

For here is what I found within hours of my return to her lair:

Off with her head.


jozette said...

oh no! my dad has a shoe eating dog, too. he ate my step mother's brand new pair of Stewart Weitzmanns. She was not pleased.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!!

Ellie said...

Oooh that rambunctious little pup. Great post, Jacquie! And now The Peeps will finally get The Full Story.

I love it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing a roll of duct tape can't fix. I mean, by putting it around the doggies muzzle.

Beth said...

Nice leg shot, Jacquie!

I love the post. I loved the new flops too. Damn.

Madness said...

Bravo Jacquie! This post made Madness laugh through a terrible tooth ache.
Off with her head!
Love your bloggings..

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