Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend 3-Way: A My Name Is...

This weekend's Weekend 3-way steals borrows an idea from Magpie Musing, unbeknownst to her, naturally.

Answer the following using the first letter of your name, then use all the words in a paragraph. Photos encouraged.


4 Letter Word: Etui
Vehicle: Edsel
Movie: Edward Scissorhands
City: Erie PA
Boy Name: Elliott
Girl Name: Esmerelda
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Something you wear: Emeralds
Food: Edamame
Something found in the bathroom: Emery Board
Reason for being late: Electric Light Orchestra did a second encore
Something you shout: Emergency!

Esmerelda, an Electrical Engineer, and Elliott, who drove a restored Edsel, went to see a concert together in Erie PA. Esmerelda "borrowed" her grandmother's emeralds for the night, unbeknownst to ol' Gram, who usually stored them in her etui. Gram was home watching Edward Scissorhands, munching on edamame, and something about the movie made her seek out her gems. She discovered they were missing, called the police -- "Emergency!" -- and, collapsed in a heap in despair. All because the Electric Light Orchestra did a second encore.


4 Letter Word: Back
Vehicle: BMW
Movie: Beauty and the Beast
City: Baltimore
Boy Name: Billy
Girl Name: Beatrice
Occupation: Beautician
Something you wear: Bikini
Food: Burgers
Something found in the bathroom: Bathtub
Reason for being late: Beach traffic
Something you shout: Beer!

Baltimore Billy was driving Beatrice the beautician in his BMW to see “Beauty and the Beast” when they ran into a ton of beach traffic. He started to imagine what she would look like in her bikini, but knew he promised they would dine on burgers after the show. So instead, he decided to call out to the waiter -- "Beer!" as many times as possible during the meal in order to work up the courage to suggest he scrub her back in the bathtub.


4 letter word: Jinx
Vehicle: Jalopy
Movie: Jaws
City: Jackson
Boy Name: Jeremiah
Girl Name: Jacquelicious
Occupation: Juggler
Something you wear: Jockstrap
Food: Jarlsberg
Something found in the bathroom: Jars
Reason for being late: Jailbreak did not go as planned
Something you shout: Jumpin Jehosiphat!

Some thought it was a jinx that Jeremiah's jailbreak did not go as planned. If he had worn his jockstrap, he might have survived the juggler's well aimed balls. After all, he was the first man in Jackson to attempt a getaway in a run down jalopy. He thought he would ward off both demons and police with open jars of jarlsburg and the stereo pumping the eerie soundtrack from the movie Jaws. The beautiful Jacquelicious could do nothing but watch as her true love was felled, and through her tears she shouted: "Jumping Jehosiphat, you're really bad at this!"


Leslie said...

Jumpin Jehosiphat! Did you see ELO? I'm gonna need beer to soften my jealousy.

Anonymous said...

WOW. First meme ever that I enjoyed!

Magpie said...

Love this! Thanks for playing, in spade!!!