Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend 3-way: what's that sound?

Getting out of my car this morning I happened to look at the floor of the passenger seat side of my car.

This is what I saw:

A big mess. A big mess of music. It gave me an idea for this weekend’s 3-way….

What’s in your automobile’s CD player right now? And how long has it been in there?


Well, the CD in my player is not any of the CDs in the photo above (although there are some good ones in that pile, including one by Jacquie’s boyfriend, Ziggy Marley, who she neglected to see last Saturday night when he was in San Diego, although I did not). Instead I’m listening to Ben Harper (my boyfriend) and the Blind Boys of Alabama’s album, “There Will Be A Light.”

It’s not been in the CD player long, just since my morning drive into work. I’ll probably give it one more listen before changing it out. It’s a goodie, but I can only take so many Jesus songs in a row. I have to say though, seeing Ben sing this album’s number 3 track, “Where Could I Go,” acapella as the final encore at the San Diego Civic Theatre last November was something I’ll never forget. Ever.



Ohhh, good one Beth. Except I don’t know that our 3rd blogger has a working CD player in her westy. And please burn that Gnarls CD for me. And sorry for missing Ziggy, but we had a really fun NFL date night. And thanks for posting this early because I have 10 minutes to kill before meeting YOU for SUSHI! YAY! (aside: do you have certain words that you always type wrong because your fingers have minds of their own? for me, it's sushi - my fingers can't stop after shi, they want to add the t, so I'm constantly writing sushit, which does not sound at all appetizing)

In my car’s CD player right now is one of my patented creations by Sir Mix-A-Lot, also known as Mr. Can-o-Beans, also known as my husband, who does not even read my blog so although his mad dj skills are unchallenged, his eternal true love for me is in question.

This particular mix is called “Jacquie: i tunes”. It’s a good one, maybe I'll post the playlist sometime this weekend. It’s been in my CD player since last night, but the one I had in there before that has a better story:

When I was in CT, I checked my e-mail one night and saw a big fat itunes receipt and I knew there would be a new mix in my future. I forgot about it until several days after my return home when I hit the Disc button in my car. I tend to listen to morning radio and/or banter with my children so sometimes I don’t hit that button for a while. But on this day I found a new mix called "Mixie Poo!"
It’s not my favorite of the man's mixes, it’s got nothing on “margarita Friday mix”, “serenity now” or “birthday mix”, (which I especially love because track 8 is “cruel to be kind”), but it’s got a few songs I hadn’t heard before that are now ready faves.

And here's my front seat image. Honey, if you read my blog you'd know you left that grey hoodie you love so much:



Actually, we do have a cd player in our Westy. It's just our speakers stink, so it's hard to hear what it is that is playing. So we/I listen to WCNI or NPR.

Our house stereo, on the other hand.

This guy. Hanging out there under Wild Women Don't Have the Blues. Can I report what's in that disc changer? .
  • Del Castillo: Self Titled.
  • Joe Cocker: Mad Dogs & Englishmen (disc 1)
  • Tito Puente: El Rey Del Timbal
  • Gloria Estefan: Mi Tierra
  • The Girl From Ipanema: The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook

Man, that's some seriously good toonage there. Not sure how ol' Joe Cocker got in there with all those Spanish- and Portuguese-speakers, but, hey, whatever works.

Oh, and Jacquie. The first 8 cds in our little favorite-cd CD case are Mr. Can mixes. In addition to Margarita Friday and Serenity Now, we've got The Concocting Pure Joy Compilation, Marathon Mix, Acoustic Morning, Folk/Alternative Mix, Happy Hour Mix, and Can-O-Mix. The man's got mixing talent. Even if he doesn't read our blog.


Rita.the.bookworm said...

The CD player in my van has Raffi's Baby Beluga in it. I think it's been in there since the beginning of time.

Yes, that's the world we're in right now, remember it, guys?

NucMEd is Hot said...

I have ganrls barkely, the 2006 grammy cd, a mix cd left by an old boyfriend, two mix cd full of rap that I made and a really angry cd that I also made. They have all been then for at least a year and maybe langer!

Martyjoco said...

Hmmm - I always figured you girls to be more the Foghat/BOC types.

Martyjoco said...

martyjoco here; the previous comment [Foghat, etc.] was actually left by PD, who, last night, at approximately 2:00 a.m., after big outdoor gig, and post-gig tavern-time, decided to learn how to comment. We will try to figure out how to become two separate entities today.

My car: The Reducers: Guitars, Bass & Drums. Rhett Miller: The Instigator. The Best of The Lemonheads/Evan Dando: Baby I'm Bored.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I've had Duffy stuck in my cd player for months. I don't think it would even come out if I used a butter knife.

Captain Dumbass said...

I can't remember the last time I had a CD in my car. Ok, I don't have a car. My man van. The CD player started collecting dust as soon as I got my iPod. Still, there's some songs that just need to be played louder than is safe with earbuds. Time to burn a disc.

MYE said...

Long live BOC. Who doesn't love a little "I'm Burning For You"?

Jacquie, I will burn you the Gnarls CD if you, in turn, burn me one (or two or three) of Sir Mix-A-Lot's best. Perhaps the Margarita mix, or maybe even the The Concocting Pure Joy Compilation? Gotta hear that one....

MYE said...
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