Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend 3-Way: Guest Bloggers

This is the perfect weekend for a guest blogger, and I have the perfect pair of peeps staying right here in my house to do the honors. Alas and alack, they are reluctant. I must be losing my touch as a bully who gets her way, because I’m letting them off the hook (sissies).

So, this weekend’s 3-way asks, who do you want have as a guest blogger, and why?

I nominate these three sportsfans:

First, the obvious. MB and Mark, together or apart. MB the English major has a way with words, she is smart and funny and she lives in the city. She’s a huge sports fan and knows all about pretty much everything. What more could one want from a blogger? And Mark? He secretly hopes and prays that he’ll get a chance to blog for us, he loooooves us and he loooooves blogs. He has good stories, and he has an interesting vocabulary, particularly noticed when he answers the phone and uses terms of endearment.

Second, my husband,despite the fact that he doesn’t even read this blog. He, like MB and Mark, is funny and interesting and a big sports fan. If any of them want to see more sports on the blog, this is their big chance. My husband is sometimes know as sir mix-a-lot, he knows lots of jokes, and he has good stories from back in the day.

I also nominate the Houstons:

That's Autumn Sunshine and her hot Irish fireman, both have agreed to guest blog in theory, but that's a loooooong way to hitting the ol' publish button. My kids love Autumn's work-related stories of blood and butts, and she claims that Devo was before her time. The fireman reads like 85 newspapers and is passionate about his politics and gets all Irish with his footie and his fookin this and feckin that.

If none of these friends of mine will accept the challenge, I'm going to ask this guy:

Poor Wilbur. He was this close to getting that apple.


You're a crack-up, Jacquie. Yowsa.

So, let me get this straight. You asked peeps to guest-blog and they said no? You are losing your touch, Sistah.

I asked my sister Julie to guest blog and she did. I asked my friend MartyJoCo to guest-blog and she will. I didn’t have to suffer the indignity asking my husband to guest-blog and being refused – Beth asked him to guest-blog and he did. Of course he did! As IF he would say no to the lovely Beth.

So I guess that leaves only one person who I'd like to ask but haven't. I'd like him to guest-blog because he's smart and well-informed and has a good heart and wants to change the world and is a superstar.

Unfortunately, I think he's probably too busy these days.


You two are both crack ups. I thought I was reaching to want the lady from Utah to guest blog, but Obama would be devine....

I very much enjoyed when Mistah was a guest blogger. I think he should guest blog again. I'd also like to see my brother guest blog. He's a banjo playing, mountain bike riding, bike machanic living in Durango, Colorado. He'd bring a lot of fresh ideas to the blog, I think.

I'd also like my boyfriend T to guest blog. He's a funny one. Very funny.

And if that comment by Roger left on the Achoo post was by Roger Zucchet, I'd like to see him guest blog as well.

I'd also like to see people ask us to be guest bloggers. We'd love that!


Kathi D said...

Consider all your bad selves asked to guest blog!

Kathi D said...

You can even choose your days.

Madness said...

Madness was gonna ask for a weekend three way on HER blog .. but then again.. the three of you are really my only readers.. eh anyway.. maybe once i get some readers, no?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone EVER ask their mother to be a guest blogger? (maybe Chelsea would).
If someone asked her mother or her friend asked her friend's mother, I might be persuaded to guest-blog.

The Bean said...

who the heck is the lady from Utah?

Magpie said...

Mmm, did you eat that pig?