Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend 3-Way: Spring Has Sprung


My San Diego co-bloggers may not be affected quite as dramatically as we East Coasters are, but yesterday was the first day of spring. Officially. Finally.
Which begs the question: Now What? Spring is the time for regrowth, renewal, and cleaning. What are your plans? What are your projects? What will you do?
And if you have nothing planned, well, give us a Spring-based tale. A new-growth anecdote. A tiny little flower of love.
My Spring project is the Winter project that I never accomplished: photos. We're almost a year behind. Printing, filling photos albums, labeling, and most importantly, getting them off our laptop, which is getting crowded. Our laptop disc burner works for making audio CDs, but not, sadly, for making photo CDs, so to get photo CDs made entails going somewhere that has a photo machine, which entails driving somewhere, which entails NOT reading on my couch, or being online, or walking downtown, which are the only things I ever do every day.
The second half of my Spring plans, however, entails sitting on my deck. Permanently. Which is going to make it hard to get that silly little photo project done.

This first weekend of spring finds me doing MAJOR spring cleaning, because that’s what moving will do for you. I’m going through all my earthly belongings, again, doing my best to throw out recycle and pass on everything possible.

At the same time, I’m gladly accepting donations of maternity clothes and baby items, since past spring cleanings wiped me out of these items and I now find myself again in need, because I have, in the words of Ellie, my own "tiny little flower of love," growing, inside, this very spring.

Unfortunately it’s not very spring-like outside here in SD. It’s gloomy and gray, with the marine layer showing up earlier than usual. That’s okay though, Jacquie and I are going to go out tonight and celebrate this season of regrowth anyway.
I forgot to notice the first day of spring! The weather’s been funky around here, as Beth mentioned. Once this passes, we sort of shoot right into summer. In my drunker younger days, I always made sure to take my first ocean plunge of the year during the month of March.
Okay, so I definitely need to work on a few big projects, but I hadn’t yet planned any. Honestly, I never thought we’d still be in this house when the kids got to this age. Thanks a lot, housing crisis.
My girl’s room is a big priority, it’s a freaking disaster in there. It’s tiny with an ugly bookcase and bushels upon bushels of stupid crap that has no purpose. I’d like to clear it, paint it, and recreate it with a loft bed that can have a desk underneath. I am also itching to deal with my broom closet and Tupperware situation. And I think I am finally ready to purge the limitless buckets of baby and kid clothes in the garage. I will keep my fingers (and legs) firmly crossed that this decisive action will not tempt the gods into impregnating me.


The Blue Ridge Gal said...

My spring project consists of giving my hubby projects to do for me. I cracked the whip today and am sending him to his basement work shop to build stuff out of wood for me, like a blanket chest for starters.... as for me, well, I shall recline on the sofa and eat bon bons... lol

The Blue Ridge Gal

Springer Kneeblood said...

Spring? We never had winter! What happened? We had an extended period of Not Summer, then Spring arrived. Now I suppose I'll have to go work in the garden. Might be good for me.

Karen said...

LOVE your blog - I read it with my tea this morning. Thanks so much!

Dorothea said...

Spring?? If another day in mid 30 temps is Spring then I'd like to skip to summer and warm the hell up!
These are the times when I wonder out loud how I ended up in Central PA. Please make sure my trip to San Diego next week involves SUNSHINE and pressure Beth :-)

mumple said...

We had snow flurries in the morning. I guess my Spring Project is a toss up: either get my poop in a group OR dodge the PTA bullet. I think the bullet is gonna get me, so I've got a LOT of work to do.