Thursday, July 16, 2009

life slices

I got a new toy, and I am smitten. I bought it on impulse in the last 10 minutes before Costco closed, you know - when the guy is closing in on you by marching past each aisle yelling "CLEAR!" when he has successfully herded all of the shoppers toward the exit, and you have to be very stealthy and sly or distract him if you want to sneak back, say for campari tomatoes, as a totally random example. I had seen something entirely different in an e-mail coupon thing from Costco that very day, and I simply had to have it. But the store didn't carry it, and I refused to leave empty handed so I got the flip, which cost twice as much. Then I ordered the wolverine, and will return whichever one I can stand to part with. In the meantime, please enjoy these slices of my life.

This first video is the maiden voyage of the sassy flip. Please take note of the clutter that adorns every surface of my home, the baskets of clean laundry that pepper the floors in every room, the unmade beds, and general pig sty-ish-ness of my life. Also, observe how nobody listens to me, even though my voice sounds like an evil empress:

Here we have our neighbor Eric's new addition to his back yard. This is in our neighborhood, but our back yard is not nearly as nice. I can tell you from experience that the zip line is totally awesome, and that it is quite jarring when you hit that tree. Particularly if you weigh more than a 10 year old boy:

An aside, sorta. It was taking forever to upload the video direct to blogger, so I linked to my youtube broadcast, and it's so much bigger, but the quality seems worse. Perhaps this will become part of my decision making about which toy to keep. Here's the zipline on youtube, what do you think?

And that, my friends, is all for the moment. If - I say IF - I can somehow make it through tomorrow, I will begin a blissful 23 days of vacation.

Certainly without the forces of work and school and woe strangling me, I will begin to produce intelligent, insightful, and creative posts. And probably some boozy photo essays as well. Until then, I leave you with one question:

Who's the best mom in the world?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Um, Mom?

Kidding! You, schnookie-pie, you.

I really love your new toy. Please upload videos constantly so I can visit with my long-lost separated-at-birth nephew and niece. The second boy video is bigger and better and I can hear all your videos crsytal-clear-like when I'm wearing earphones instead of letting the sound come out of my crappy laptop speakers.

23 days of vacation sound like pure joyousness. Especially since I'll be part of it.



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Very cool technology, J. The smaller video was actually better for me, it did not need to buffer at anytime while watching it, whereas the other two did. However, I'm using the crazy Criket broadband deal right now, so have a slower connection speed than most of you people.

So when are you swinging by here with that blueberry, strawberry, icecream concoction??? When, when, when?

23 days! Wow. I hope it's the best vaca ever.

Hsin-Yi said...

I agree with Ellie about the videos. The 2nd Zip line video actually seemed better/ clearer than the first.

I want a Zip line in my back yard!

Anonymous said...

Um... me? YES!! I'm the best mom in the world..wooohoooo!! (But what does that have to do with this post?)

Kathi D said...

I haven't seen the Wolverine, but I have the Flip and I love it. I wonder if the quality issue is with youtube instead of the Flip. I watch my Flip videos on the bigscreen tv sometimes and they look great.

NucMEd is Hot said...

I want you to know that a home is not a home if there are not at least two baskets of laundry sitting around. I myself keep a constant three baskets of clean unfolded laundry typically in my living room so all of the vistors can see that I hate to fold it!

Lola said...

What a spoiled dog! Oh, and I've got three laundry baskets overflowing with clean clothes sitting in my bedroom right now. It's abnormal to live any other way!