Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The never ending story

I know you’re sick of reading about the hospital, I’m sick of writing about the hospital, believe me. From its food to its ability to make one feel like a helpless child to its crazy schedules, I’ve dissected it ad nauseam, but I’ve got another one for you.

I just can’t help it.

It's one of those posts you have to write because a blog, if nothing else, is a venue where you can highlight the more absurd episodes of your life. You know, the break down of your automobile that forced you to camp out in the Motel 6 in Nogales, Arizona for a week, or the ticket you got from the humane society for being inhumane to your very own dog, or the theft of your gym clothes, of all things, from your car that unfortunately involved the smashing of the car window. Those kinds of stories….

Here’s my current one: I have pneumonia!

Does it get any better?

It’s a mild case, and in all honesty I would in all likelihood not be getting these meds, dispensed intravenously and by mouth, if I was not in the hospital, pregnant and prone to bleed.

But, alas, I am.

It all started with what I think was a little virus, which morphed into this annoying, never ending, sometimes hacking cough. Which again, in my humble opinion, had something to do with the latest bleed I had on Friday night.

I was returned from labor and delivery Saturday morning without delivering -- thank god. But the cough remains.

So they’ve tried different treatments. Cough medicine, then cough medicine with codeine (I know, I’m pregnant!), then yesterday they decided I should also try this bad boy:

An albuterol inhaler...

Then today a new doctor suggested I get a chest x-ray (I know, I’m pregnant!) and consult with the pulmonologist.

The x-ray, surprisingly, to me and my doctors and nurses who have not heard anything suspect in my lungs, showed gunk in my left lung.

Just a bit of pneumonia.

So now they’re really medicating me.


And intravenously:
Gotta love the hospital….


wondering if her 14 yr old needs a chest x-ray said...

more proof that Allen, the Dr. I dated many moon ago, was right. He said, never volunteer for a test because they always find something. :)
I would have never known that I only had one kidney, if I hadn't agreed to a cerebral angiogram. (my brain was there but one kidney was not!)
I need to add "get well" card to the "congratulations on your pregnancy" card that's getting in the mail SOON!

Logical Libby said...

This kid is going to have to get you EXCELLENT Mother's day presents...

Mar Waters said...

Oh Beth!

It just doesn't seem possible, I guess it's good you are in the hospital anyway, two birds one stone and all, but I will blame the hospital for the pneumonia! Rest up, it will be a distant memory soon enough!

Love, Mar

P.S. Aren't you going to congratulate me for posting? :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, Beth. Really? That is just absurd! I guess if you have pneumonia it's, um, good that you're in the hospital?

But really. Is there someone we can complain to?

Libby's right, although I think maybe excellent Christmas presents, excellent birthday presents and excellent Fourth of July presents should be added to the list, too.

I sign off, as usual,
Hang in there,

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'm with Mar on this one...I don't think there would be and pneumonia if I wasn't here in the hospital. They even have a specific name for it, 'hospital aquired pneumonia' and treat it with different meds that they do pneumonia aquired in the real world.

Ah, the real world, so looking forward to joining it in the very near future!

And yes, Mar, congraultions and welcome!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Are you shitting me? That is completely annoying. On the bright side, at least they'll (hopefully) find the way to knock out that cough so you don't have to deal with it while you're recovering with your newborn in less than two weeks !!! Were you running a fever? I hope you start to feel better soon, sweetie.


Anonymous said...

My dear Bethy:
I am your mother and should be able to protect you from such things! Alas, even I can't do anything about the hospital demons.
Are you sure you don't want me to come out??
Love, love, love

Anonymous said...

Hospitals are no place for sick people; or healthy people. Before you mentioned it, I was going to say that pneumonia is from being in the hospital. What a totally sucky way to have to gestate your baby. So much pregnant lady stuff you could be enjoying. But like Libby said, you'll have sooooooo much to hold over this kid's head. Forever. Mwah ha ha!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

And more importantly, over her dad's head....


Kathi D said...

Oh lord. Girl, you are piling up treasures in heaven or something. I hope.

I'm blaming the hospital and the bed rest for the pneumonia, too. Aren't you more at risk for it if you are not up and around? I may be making that up, so don't go by me.

I agree with Libby though, the kid is going to owe you BIG TIME. You will have more than the usual Mother Guilt stories to lay on.

Aunt Becky said...

oh sweetie, you poor thing. i am going to ground your baby for at least a year for putting my friend through this.

Lola said...

Oh, man! Hospitals make everyone sick or sicker. Try wearing a mask and gloves for the remainder of your stay ;)