Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend 3-way: cElllie-bration

Today is Ellie's birthday. Let's celebrate her!

Ellie is a one-of-a-kind, kindred spirit. The room lights up when she enters, and continues to glow for the remainder of her stay. So, for this weekend's 3-way, let's share what we love MOST about Ellie.

Hmm, does this put Ellie herself in an awkward position? Nah, go ahead and toot your own horn Ellie, or if you'd rather not, ask Mistah to do it for you. It IS your birthday, so you can force ask people to do things for you....ALL DAY LONG!

We love you, Ellie!

Ah, Ellie. I so look forward to when she and Mistah swing into town. It definitely adds fun to my social calendar, and Ellie can whip up some mean margaritas. She and Mistah are usually up for most anything, and they truly know how to enjoy the beach and ocean. They bring joy to whatever they are doing.

But, one of my most favorite things about Ellie is how industrious she is. You may think to yourself, What? Ellie? She took 7 plus years off and tooled around the country in her Westy, lounging in Key West and West Texas and the like. She dropped OUT of the grind. And that she did. However, Ellie keeps busy. Very busy. And she likes things neat and orderly. I don't think Jacquie's floor ever gets mopped as much as when Ellie's in town (no offence to you, J!!). And she's willing to pick up all sorts of work, from data entry and filing, to painting houses, to keeping bar, to kid and pet sitting. So, although Ellie knows how to party, she also knows how to keep busy. In a good way.

I can hardly wait until Ellie returns, both to drink margs with her, and to see when she's available to watch my baby girl!

Happy Birthday, Ellie!!!

Happy Birthday, Ellie! And great idea for a weekend post, Beth. Although I simply must correct your mistaken impression that it's Ellie who is mopping my floor. That is strictly a job for the Schlekah.

There are so many great things about Ellie, it's impossible to limit myself to the confines of this here blog. I should really write a musical about Ellie.... but that will have to wait for another day. For today, this Big Day, the anniversary of the birth of Ellie, I'll just tell you about Ellie and her prep.

I love how Ellie preps. The woman was born to prep. She could prep the pope for purgatory. She could prep the pimples off a preteen. Ellie is the master of party prep. If you're ever lucky enough to be invited to an Ellie party, you should go because it will not only be fun and raging, but you can bet your sweet bippy that it will have been artfully prepped. I have a great, clear visual image of being ready for a party to start with Ellie, everything prepped, all systems go, just waiting for the first guest to arrive. Flash to the next image, party in full swing, Ellie working the crowd, dancing, laughing, bussing, providing, keeping the ball rolling for her peeps. You have to pity the fool who tries to leave early, who must endure the piercing, crestfallen greenish eyed glare of Ellie, who simply cannot STAND for you to leave her. Please stay, be the last guest! We always loved the last guest the best. Maybe this is why Ellie's parties tended to last so long.

I wish I was around to party with you today, Ellie. It sounds like you've prepped a great one. Who's going to be the last guest????

Happy Birthday, Schnookie!!! I love you!

Oh you two. Really. You’re turning my head. This is just too much for one Birthday Girl to bear.

Instead of tooting my own horn – because really, that would be superfluous at this point – I’ll just show you how my morning is going so far.

First I was serenaded by Mister Schleckah, whose guitar repertoire now includes “When the Roll is Called up Yonder” and “Happy Birthday”.

And then I found a Bucket of Love on my deck. Champers, coffee, pretzels, cashews, avocados, bike gloves and a margarita water bottle. And a bucket. What more, I ask you, could a Birthday Girl possibly want?

And finally, this weekend’s display: All Ellie, All the Time. I’d like to say Mistah Schleckah set it up, but it was me. Because I’m a geek. And because it’s my birthday, I get to be a geek. Unapologetically.

Thanks kids! You rock. Happy Birthday!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, and Jacuie's right, Beth. My Mom taught me at a very young age never to learn how to mop floors. Mopping floors is a boy's job. And Mistah Schleckah is a floor-mopping all-star.


Mom said...

Beth is also right about Ellie gettin er done. She's a whirlwind whenever she visits us. We tend to retire before our visitors do, duh -(especially when our visitors are Ellie and Bill and Mary Beth and Mark)- and in the morning? Voila - dishwasher done and emptied, pots and pans put away - the only evidence is the bucket of empties.. Happy Birthday Ellie girl... love mom

The Stiletto Mom said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! Hope it's a great one, looks like you are off to a fantastic start!

Melissaand3boys said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie! Have a great day!

martyjoco said...

Ellie, we have arranged to have a world-famous rock band play on the boardwalk while the full moon rises over Fisher's Island Sound for you tonight. HB, EC!

Penn State won it for Ellie said...

happy birthday!

Springer Kneeblood said...

Oh, no! I missed Ellie's birthday! I am stunned and embarrassed and feel like I should wither away into a corner and weep unconsolably for hours, days, even weeks!

But, there's work to be done, so I'll just suck it up and say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, ELLIE! I hope it was wonderful!

Hsin-Yi said...

Ellie is infectious, in the best possible way! I can't pass a Westy anywhere without thinking of her!
I thank your parents for bringing such an amazing woman into the world. You go girl!!!