Monday, September 21, 2009

monday minutae

If this post seems like a disjointed stream of unrelated, irrelevant, irreverent weirdness; it's only because this post is a disjointed stream of unrelated, irrelevant, irreverent weirdness.


If this doesn't make you want to puke...

the thought of my tiny baby chickens being hoisted skyward in that contraption will.

My boy asked if we had the round-up way back when I was a girl. I said yes, I believe it IS the same one I rode... I wonder if it's had a tune up since the STAS carnival in 1975.

We want to raise money for The Little Charter School That Could without hawking the dreaded gift wrap or boxes of candy, so families are being asked to hold their own mini-fundraisers this year. Our family kicked it off by taking advantage of our convenient neighborhood location to exploit the suffering of dejected sports fans after the home opener. Dejected and thirsty sports fans, who'd just conquered the hill on a day that was pushing 100 degrees:

and the thirsty people came,

and the thirsty people bought us out in no time flat

They'll be presenting this loot to the school tomorrow. A cool $172.50!

The Halloween disturbia has begun, and my boy is supersizing the dementia this year. He made himself a "Joe".

(this photo cracks me up, look at my girl's hand on Joe's knee!)
And then my boy made himself Joe a girlfriend, curiously named Fred. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I went to a big-girl slumber party this weekend, at the Hard Rock Hotel! Here is a really good example of the completely stupid photos that fill my camera:

I was trying to capture the devil that lives in the elevator.

The celebration was in honor of this hot mama, on the auspicious occasion of her 40th birthday!

Happy, Happy Birthday to The Beautiful Tanja, Tall and Brown!


Anonymous said...

Gah, I used to hate all the school fundraising we had to do. I would much rather have written a cheque at the beginning of the year to cover all these incidental expenses so they could leave me alone with their hot dog sales and going door to door with chocolate bars and stuff. But you guys looked like you were having fun...and learning valuable skills for the future...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, look at that beautiful Tall and Brown girl. I miss her. I miss all you San Diego types.

Jacquie, your children never cease to amaze me with their sheer weirdness. I love that about them.

Nice job.

mom said...

I love their school spirit - who could resisit buying water from the cutest kids in the universe!! Wait, am I prejudiced? love mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'm loving the disjointed stream of unrelated, irrelevant, irreverent weirdness. Good stuff.

Nice job to your girl and boy! They look quite proud (as they should).

And happy belated to Tanja!