Monday, October 11, 2010

monday mish mosh

Monday, Monday.

It's not so bad, but weekends are way better.

This weekend was particularly awesome, with summer like weather and fun aplenty. Not much time left over for the frivolity of blog writing.

What I do have, however, is an odd assortment of photos that have yet to see the light of blog.

It's a Monday Mish Mosh!

New school piano!
My boy started piano lessons, and they are a faaar cry from from the sessions with a creepy curmudgeon that my sisters and I endured. Here, student and teacher both plug in to a gorgeous digital instrument, and play together, communicating through headsets and microphones. At the end of the last  lesson, his teacher cued up her ipod so he could play along the song he'd just learned... Eye of the Tiger. It's a far cry from Swans on the Lake, I tell you what.  His take home song book also comes with a CD so he can play along with his practice assignments. Totally awesome.   


Speaking of "Nothing was this cool when *I* was a kid"..... did you ever see a scene like this on an elementary school field trip?

Chicano Park, 80 bazillion more photos to come.

My husband celebrated his birthday this weekend, and we cashed in on an overnight staycation bargain that we'd had cooling in the wings. 

 It's fun to have your kids with you on an overnight date night! FUN, I tell you!



I've got my moments, but all in all, it's not so bad, this life.

Even on Mondays.


Tami said...

Harry Miller is snoring from his grave

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw. Even on Mondays. Sigh.

I have a mish mosh of comments, in response.

1. I love mish mosh instead of mish mash. Part miscellaneous, part mosh pit.

Stately as Princes the Swans part the lilies and glide.....
Under the Will-lllows.

And HA HM really did snore through our lessons. Even though they were quite riveting. Harumph.

3. Nice grabby-ass, Mr. Can.

4. Nice mish mosh, Jacqueline!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Nice veiw! Nice pool! Sounds like an awesome staycation.

I am overdue for one of those, but alas, have no bargians cooling in the wings.

(I do, however, have a coupon for the Wine Pub which I intend to use tomorrow night :-)