Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend 3-way: photo project

Well, let's see what my luscious little lambie co-bloggers have come up with for this weekend's featured photos line-up!

Beth starts us off with one of my favorite shrubs, which grow rampantly around here yet boast a tropical asking price in many parts of the country:

I like to call them "da boids." I'm super classy like that:

Birds of Paradise

And our Ellie is ensconced in the bounty of nature that her corner of the country boasts, which Beth and I would surely find tropical if you think of tropical as meaning rare and elusive. I don't know why you would do that, though. Because that is not what tropical means.

Yet still:


I say it like it rhymes with "college". Again with the classy

Finally, my own submission. I didn't want the world to think that we were turning into some tree hugging nature blog, but I did capture an elusive beast in his natural habitat. If you define habitat as the place where a kid can be a kid*.

Flying Monkey
*I need a new dictionary

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