Wednesday, October 6, 2010

monster in the closet

I've shared a lot with you people lately. I've opened up my heart, my pain, and my thought processes in good times and in bad. I've told you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And oh Lord, it's been ugly.

The  Closet from Hell
My girl's closet was beyond ugly. Look at it, there's not even a breath of space between the hanging clothes and the pile. The fact that my husband started putting his shit in there just made it worse. It became a beast too formidable for my wee girl to fathom. Even David had his doubts before he faced Goliath. 

I'm proud to announce that I tackled the beast.
Be gone, woeful shit!
 It didn't take long at all to clear the space, and oh the joy I found gazing upon that blank canvas! 


AAAACK! Thar the shit goeth.
Look at that mound of clothing on the bed - that was all on the floor of the closet. Why? Why? Were there no hangers?

Oh. Well then.

In any case, it was what it was, and it was a challenge, but a cathartic project for the ages. I did it while my girl was at school, and she positively sqeeeeeeeeeed with delight when she came home to find this:

A work in progress, but WHAT an improvement!
We were so inspired, we took it to the next level and got ourselves some Elfa shelfas. I could write a whole other post about the glory that is Elfa, and the bags made especially to transport the pieces with special pockets sized perfectly for the bits and parts and instructions.

The notebook is open to a page that reads "I love this desk!"
 My girl's room finally feels like a place she can hang out, and hang out she does. It's no free for all, though. If you want to hang out in my girl's room, you'd best familiarize yourself with the rules!

It's really fun to read these out loud with emotion, or like a Nazi.

A place for everything, and everything (and everyone) in its place. Now that is something my tired heart can sing about. 

Apparently, she's been taking these from the recycling. Why?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

No! Eating anywhere in the room!
No! Swearing anywhere in the room!

You're right. It *is* fun. In my mind, though, The Room is capitalized.

And I cannot wait for the blogpost about what that girl does with that bucket of toilet paper cores. You should have a quiz with special prizes for the winner.

Good job Jacquie! Your Daddy would be proud.


needs Elfa in PA said...

Ahhh! Isn't it therapeutic to have a space, ANY space, cleared and organized in your house?!
( I have noticed, after many photos shared on this blog, that you and I have a similar take on housekeeping)

The best cleared spaces are the ones that involve a happy (and relieved) child!

Let us know how long the "rules" last in that clean room.

unmitigated me said...

Either she's hoping to build something, or she wants you to get her a hamster. Hamsters love to chew cardboard.

Mom C said...

Good for you Jacquie, that girl of yours loves to make rules, doesn't she? She must be so happy with her new space. love you mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

No dirty feet? Oh how depressing, I'll never make it in The Room!

Love, love, love her built in desk. She must be so pleased :-)


Whatcha gonna name the hamster?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ellie, lol so much - it says
"NO! Screaming enywhere in the room!"

Not swearing. Although I imagine that is also against The Rules.

And people, we have a hamster! Taco is going to be plush with luxury when he gets a load of my girl's oddball collection.

A note to PA: please do not destroy my delusion that no one notices the messy background in all photos taken at my house. shhhhhhhh.