Thursday, June 4, 2009

et tu, Conan?

I’ve been a Letterman fan for ages. I used to watch him on Late Night when it followed Johnny Carson, and continued through his switch to a more reasonable 11:35 airtime. I’ve also kept an eye on Jay Leno, mostly because I watch the 11:00 news on NBC and can rarely muster the gumption to find and use the clicker in between the weather and the monologue.

NBC rebroadcasts Late Night at 3:30 am, so during the years when I was up at odd intervals during the night with various children and beasts in need of godforsaken wee hours mothering, I got to know and love Conan O’Brien.

Dave’s been on my nerves for a few years now, but I loved the “great moments in presidential speeches” bit that he did throughout Dubya’s eternal time in office, so I generally tuned in at least until that point. Now that my man Barack has taken over the reigns, especially during this honeymoon period, there is less funnymaking going on among democratic television personalities, and Dave has yet to come up with a bit that I find as engaging as those speeches.

So I was looking forward to this week, when Conan made his big move to the Tonight Show. So far, it’s been... eh. He’s got to get comfy, find his groove, settle in. He’ll be great.

Ironically, just last night I was awakened during the godforsakenweehours by my girl, which delighted my dog so much that she stole the toilet paper from the bathroom and took it outside for immediate burial. (What? She was expressing herself!) At any rate, I was up for a little while, and happened upon the rebroadcast of the Late Show, with Jimmy Fallon.

What a cutie! He had some very funny stuff featuring Barack, no insults bared whatsoever. And the best part is that he had good hair!

I got to thinking. What is it about the men of late night tv and their horrendous hairdos?

Do they look in the mirror and think “yeah, this is the look I’m going for!” and their stylists concur?! It’s baffling.

Dave’s hair is weird enough

Jay’s was no day at the beach

There are no words

But what on this earth is inspiring that monstrosity atop sweet Conan’s cranium?

Is it Mary?

Is he a bird man?

What gives?


watches late shows on hulu said...

I am soo with you on the hair issue.
Jay had Conan on the week of his last show and they showed a clip of Conan first trip to the Tonight Show after he got hired to take over Late Night. Guess what?
Good hair! Not great, but really quite flattering. Who needs to add hair height when they are 6'7" already?! I was hoping Conan would see the clip and say, "hey..there was something I need to get from the 90's...MY HAIR!"

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is a bad hairdo allright. Sheesh.

I suppose I could/should watch those late night shows on, but one of the reasons I like not having tv is, well, not watching tv. If I had it, I'd never turn it off.

Let me tell you this, though. I saw Conan O'Brien walking down the street in NYC once. Guess what I said when I saw him?

"Hi Conan."


Rita.the.bookworm said...

I had no idea he was tall! Bad hair or no bad hair, he suddenly became very attractive to me! I am such a height snob, lol...

Anonymous said...

His hair is totally Mary. No hair would look better than Conan's hair.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I got to like Conan when I was up at all hours of the night with my first baby. I've not really watched him much since, as I'm an early to bed, early to rise type of girl, but he's funny there's no doubt. Even without the hair.