Friday, June 5, 2009

Goodnight House

The other night, late, after lots of laughs and friends and booze, I looked over and saw Mistah taking this photo:

It was late, and we were loaded, and he was taking a photo of his own shoe.

And it didn't stop there. Mistah was just getting warmed up.
I love these photos. They're so yellow and quiet and feel so late.

They look like they should be a children's book.
Goodnight glasses and goodnight wine.
Goodnight lobster. Goodnight chofa.

Goodnight sweet little baby girl.

Goodnight books.

Goodnight words.

Goodnight backpack.
Goodnight nobody.
. Goodnight chair.

Goodnight songs and goodnight air.
Goodnight bugs everywhere.


Captain Dumbass said...

"In a great green room..." at least I think that's how it started.

jimmypie99 said...

I liked it because it was an interesting idea and I liked the pictures. My favorite picture was the skeeter eater.

Hi Aunt Ellie! (and Uncle Bill)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'd have to say the shot of the condiments and the spoons is my favorite, exactly because it is so "yellow and quiet." I do love a sleeping house, so peaceful.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I have to agree with my jimmypie, except that bug is not my favorite photo. I love an empty house at night, and your post captures that magic so beautifully! Nicely done, sister-o-mine


Hsin-Yi said...

I love the kitchen shot. The way the lights reflect off the backsplash is really great. I also like the reading glasses.

Nice job to Bill! I think we need to see how much you have to drink before all the pictures come out fuzzy...

Brian said...

I'd like to know who's the David James Duncan fan in the house??

Great pictures!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Brian! That's Bill's copy. Well, they all are Bill's copies: I'm a reader, not a collector. But we both read it, and we both loved it.


p.s. Hi Jimmypie!

xup said...

I love the glasses and how you made the entire depraved boozy montage into an innocent children's book

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

Is that a skeeter I see just sitting there waiting for YOU to fall asleep so he can have his way nibbling at your arms?

The Blue Ridge Gal

Kat said...

We call those bug Mosquito Hawks, don't know what they are called around your neck of the woods.