Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend 3-Way: Salty Snacks Edition

Salty snacks. Yum.

Who doesn't love salty snacks? Nobody, that's who. Well, wait a minute. Maybe that's not true. Maybe we should go straight to the source and find out once and for all what our lovely co-bloggers think.

Salty Snacks. Love them? Hate them? Favorite kind? And if you have a salty snack anecdote, we're all ears.

Love them. But I'm very particular about what I love and what I hate. Because there is no middle ground there, not as far as I'm concerned.

I love pretzels. Most kinds, but particularly sticks. I mean, rods are fine, and those little waffle-shaped ones are cool, but I am bored out of my skull by tiny twists. I'm a sticks girl. I've been known to eat a lot of sticks and drink a lot of chardonnay while watching a movie or sporting event. Which can make for sluggishness in the morning. But it's worth it.

My favorite pretzel quote:
"Pretzels are God's gift to the salt-loving snacker."
-Julie Corey
-Asheville NC

I also love potato chips, but I think flavored potato chips taste like chemicals, and I hate onion dip because I think sour cream is disgusting.

Also? Unlike my friend Lisa, who's a lover of orange snacks, I cannot abide orange snack food. Doritos, cheetos (what are cheetos, anyway?), orange-coated mystery twists? For the birds.

Oh! And I love popcorn, but only freshly-popped on the stove-top. I thought I was a popcorn-popping guru until Mistah Schleckah took over that particular duty. He, apparently, uses triple the amount of oil I ever used. Genius.


It's difficult for me to express the depths of my love for salty snacks. I am a snacky girl. You could even call me "Snacquie Jacquie" if you were so inclined. But be warned, I might punch you if you do so.

Where to begin? I feel like I should offer a rebuttal to Ellie's rude comments about orange snacks. What is a cheeto? A cheeto is love, Ellie. Love. You know that mix that Doritos makes that they give you on Jetblue with doritos, cheetos, and pretzels? Pure. Joy.

And onion dip? Duuuuuuude. Just use plain, nonfat yogurt! Plain Lays chips and onion dip is one of life's true pleasures. I also make a mean homemade onion dip, with carmelized sweet onions and balsamic vinegar. Oh my God, I'm starving.

I am also an ardent fan of pretzels, shape be damned. I love a big old soft salty pretzel, preferably on the streets of NYC, with bright yellow mustard slathered all over. I also like rods because you can hit the couch with the bag and a bottle of squeeze (spicy brown, natch) mustard and make beautiful lines of love.

In closing, I must pay homage to the queen and king of all snacks salty, chips and salsa. And their rock-and-roll bastard son: NACHOS! I've been known to enjoy nachos for dinner, they are so delish and versatile and awesome. I have to have a jalapeno in every bite, and the best is when my mouth is so hot that I have to hang it open and pant before continuing to chew.

Now excuse me while I go raid the cupboards.

Salty snacks? I love them. Maybe not as much as Snaquie Jacquie, but I do love them.

My favorite salty snacks are nuts, but I don't know if they count, as they were not pictured in the fabulous photo above. But salty peanuts, almonds, pistachios -- well, almost any salty nut (or unsalted for that matter) -- YUM. I also love the delicious snack mix, with the unmentionable name, that Snaquie Jacquie is known to bring to people's houses for sharing. The kind with the hot wasabi peas and sesame sticks and whatnot? Delish.

And sorry, Ellie, but how can you deny the tastiness of the cheeto? I'm secretly so pleased that my children love cheetos, so that I can be the hero once in a while and buy a bag for them (and eat half of it).

I agree with Jacquie on the matter of dip too. I love sour cream, and onion dip, and especially Jacquie's caramelized onion dip. You really must try it, Ellie, really!

Pretzels are a favorite of mine too, although my very favorite are the hard, large twists that you buy in the big brown box. Those pretzels keep you busy, are perfect with beer, and you can truthfully admit to having just two pretzels and being full. Luckily, there are some in the pantry right now.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I have the best co-bloggers. Except for onion dip thing.....

Of course nuts count, Beth! I realized during my bike ride that I neglected to include them in my rant, but then I decided I like pretzels, pot chips and popcorn better anyway.

And I still say orange snacks are for the birds.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, nuts! Can't believe I forgot nuts. I love that sinful mix from TJs that has all the best nuts (cashews, almonds, walnuts) PLUS pistachios and macadamia nuts. I am not allowed to buy nuts of any kind though, because if they are in the house I will not rest until they have been injested. Same with potato chips, really. So when I have occasion to enjoy a few (bags), I do so. Immensely.

Lisa S said...

Oh, Ellie, you're really baiting me with those two "orange snacks are for the birds" remarks. Cheetos have texture and taste *and* a cheerful color! And they only have 160 calories per ounce! Having just removed myself from a car after a tedious 8 hour drive, and preparing to spend a night watching college football in a Hampton Inn in Central Pennsylvania, I'd say that it's time for me to go get some RIGHT NOW.

martyjoco said...

What about Fritos? Do you all know that they have just THREE ingredients: corn, corn oil, salt. That's it. Simple, salty and delicious. They are even Kosher! Fritos rock. Our Texan friend Tim tells us that when he was a kid, they would pour chili right into the Frito bag, mix it all up and eat it out of the bag with a spoon. I've never tried it, but that sure sounds like a treat. They do have about 3 times as many calories as potato chips, but all things in moderation...

Glad you made it most of the way across PA, Lisa. Go OSU? Go Giants!

Kathi D said...

I love salty snacks! I'm a popcorn fiend. I have even started buying special popcorn via internet. A popcorn snob, I am.

I also love Fritos and guacamole, and Doritos, and Cheetos, and potato chips. Potato chips and cheese make a perfect dinner for me if I don't have to cook for the husband.

Kathi D said...

I know Cheetos must be good for me, because just look how orange your fingers get!

happy snacker in Happy Valley said...

Don't know where in Central PA Lisa S is but I would have provided her PLENTY of snacks had she popped in on our tailgate today for the Penn State v Syracuse game.
We Are...
Anyway, I would add that I have always been a big fan of the potato chip (can't eat a sandwich w/o them) and Target's Archer Farms "salt and vinegar" are my new favorite.
I really wouldn't trust someone who didn't like salty snacks...

Anonymous said...

Love salty snacks too and can't think of any I would eschew but rather many I would chew. The saltiest, Fritos, are for my husband, but I typically food-taste his for freshness. He now keeps them in his man cave, artfully hidden from me.

In order to keep my figure (from expanding further), I select 94% fat free m/w popcorn and liberally douse it with hot sauce.

All the talk about nuts and not one mention of their significant nutritional value?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

And Dawnie, don't forget sunflower seed kernels. Weren't those yummy last night??


Lisa S said...

Awww, what'd you do last night without me??? (Besides eat sunflower seeds...)